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Level 3

3.1 Level 3 is loading with a hint:

Fred and George’s Potterwatch Programmes can be listened to in the Pause Menu

Harry: Where are we?

We’re in London...

Shaftesbury Avenue. We need to change. Here, I packed some things in case of emergency.
A discussion goes on:
You reckon any of the people could be Death Eaters?
How would the Death Eaters know we were here?

They’ve known where we were every other time...

...and the Muggle news is full of natural disasters; but we know what that really means though … Death Eaters.

Hermione: I brought you your Invisibility Cloak, Harry. I thought it would be useful.
Ron: You think everyone’s all right, at the wedding?
Hermione: Most of the Order was here. They’ll look after everyone. Do you really think there could be Death Eaters here?
Ron: Best to be sure... isn’t it?

Press Y to put Cloak on

3.2 Have some exercise with your Cloak on and walk the streets of London.
You can creep around unnoticed and sneak up your foes to cast Spells on them at close range. However, you cannot remain invisible while casting.
The chances of Harry being heard while under the Cloak increases the more he moves around and the closer he gets to his enemies. As he moves and approaches enemies while under the Cloak, the Stealth Meter, which appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, drains and slowly turns red. In order to refill the Meter and remain invisible, he must stand still and out of hearing range of all enemies.

Ron gives you a mission: Check out the Newspaper Seller.
The camera shows you the way to go. Sneak past the red Telephone cell and turn right to the Newspaper Seller.

Get past this Telephone cell

When you’re near the Seller he’ll shout:

Get the gossip. Grab yourself a copy!

Harry’s conclusion: He’s not a Death Eater.
Quietly sneak back to Ron and Hermione in the alley. Harry informs them the Newspaper Salesman is a Muggle.
Ron: Yeah, we can’t be too careful. What about that woman over there? I’ve seen her look over this way. Did you check her on?

3.3 Sneak over to the woman with the sign and check to see if she is a Death Eater.


The camera shows you the way to the woman with the sign

Get your Cloak on and carefully approach the woman. She’ll start shouting:

Oh, yeah, he left me … why?

Harry’s conclusion is clear: She’s not a Death Eater.
Sneak back to Ron and tell him.
Ron & Hermione: You think Harry’s got the Trace on him? Maybe that’s how the Death Eaters keep finding us.
The Trace breaks when you turn seventeen. And Harry’s not been near any Death Eaters for them to try and put it back on.
Well, something’s giving away where we are...

Harry: The woman with the sign is a Muggle too.

Looks like we’ve lost those Death Eaters then.

3.4 Head to the Café so you can hide out for a while.

Press B to cast Four-Points

The track will show the way around the corner.

Cast Four-Points many times in a row

There is the Luchino Café on your right. Enter. 

3.5 Take a seat.

Some guys are entering too. They seem Death Eaters and attack.

Defeat all the Death Eaters

You may now press and hold RB for the Spell Wheel.

The Spell Wheel

You’ll have to choose between Stupefy and Impedimenta

With this new guy you’d better select Impedimenta

When they’re defeated Harry is wondering:

Are there any more? How do they keep finding us?

Yeah, but where can we go?