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Level 13

13.1 Get a hint while this Cinematic Save Block is loading:

Elixir of Life...

Our three friends tumble into a field and Ron is pretty hurt after the clash.

Hermione: Lie still

Harry: Where are we? I thought we were going to Grimmauld Place?
Hermione: We were, but a Death Eater grabbed Ron. I had to change where we were going, but... I did it so fast I must’ve made a mistake. Now Ron’s hurt.
Ron: I’m all right... Ow!

Lie still! I Need to apply some Dittany...

It’ll hurt less if you stop moving.

It’ll hurt less if you stop poking me.

Harry: How do we know they won’t find us here? Volde –
Ron: No! Don’t say it. I’ve heard someone in the Ministry. They’ve made You-Know-Who’s name taboo. If you say his name, they can find you.
Someone: Which way? I can’t see it.
Hermione: That must be how they found us at the Café.

Hermione, be quiet, I can hear someone!

Someone else: We’re going to walk into Snatchers if we keep going like this!

That sounds like Dean Thomas.

Why would Dean be out here?

13.2 Harry observes the scenery.


There’s lots of people on the run. Hiding from Death Eaters, and Snatchers.

Follow Dean Thomas.

Cast Four-Points

You’ll soon see Dean Thomas with a Goblin.
Dean: Griphook, Griphook!

Goblin: Keep your voice down! Or you want us to get caught?

Cast Four-Points and follow the road

You’ll soon meet two Snatchers behind the corner. Cast Impedimenta to send them back to Hell. 

13.3 Doxies are attacking.

Doxies will become easier to defeat when doused with Doxycide.

Press D-right to get Doxycide Potion available and fire at the Doxies.
When they’re all gone you can pick up some more Doxycide.

Cast Four-Points to continue

Then you’ll meet some new and nasty monsters:

Hermione: Something big and hairy.

They’re looking like a mechanical sort of black Spiders. Cast Impedimenta to get rid of them.

Impedimenta will take care of the Spiders

Cast Four-Points.

Go to the end of the tunnel: We’re close to them now...

Turn left and find some kind of an abandoned site

The abandoned shacks are shattered all over the place.

Why would Dean be chasing after a Goblin?

Death Eaters don’t like anyone who’s not human... maybe they’re both dodging Death Eaters.

Keep following them

You will then meet two Snatchers.

13.4 Harry can now target them.

Shoot both Snatchers

Now you may play Star Wars with another huge stack of Snatchers.

Shoot the Snatchers

During the fight you will get a new Spell:


This Spell forcibly disarms other Wizards by knocking them to the ground. You can shoot any foo with Expelliarmus but you have to press LT for a few seconds while aiming and then release the button.
When all Snatchers are defeated you may enter all shacks and look for things.

Nothing to be found in there...

Cast Four-Points.

I think we’re catching up with them.

13.5 Follow Dean and the Goblin.

You’ll see them crossing a river

Now you’ll meet the Whomping Willows. These trees become alive when you try to pass them. In general, there is no rule to get safe from their branch slashes. You may get near the trunk and quickly run to the farest branch. You may also try a Spell like Stupefy. Or just pass as far from them as you can. Otherwise they might hit you badly though.

Dodge the Whomping Willows

Cross the river and meet two foes you have to shoot.

Get rid of these two

Cast Four-Points and enter another abandoned site.

Cast Four-Points

Level 14