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Level 2
The Wedding

2.1 While Level 2 is loading you get a hint:

Use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate and hold an object in front of you to block incoming Spells. This cover can be used while moving

Quickly! It’s Harry!
Dad, Dad! Over here!

Harry is lying in a bedroom at The Burrow. Ron and Hermione are with him.

Ron, quickly! He’s coming round! Harry, Harry, are you all right?

Harry: What... where am I? Where’s Hagrid? What about Voldemort?!
Hermione: It’s all right, Harry, Hagrid’s fine. And the Order’s put protective Charms on The Burrow. We’re safe, for now.
Harry: I shouldn’t be here. I’m putting everyone in danger.

Careful, you can’t rush after what you’ve been through.

Ron: Besides, we can’t go anywhere ‘til after the wedding.
Harry: What wedding?
Ron: Bill and Fleur. We would’ve told you, but you’ve been sort of... unconscious. You’d better get ready mate.

A wedding tent has been added to The Burrow

Hermione: You can’t expect him to go the wedding like this. Just take your time, Harry, make sure you’re all right.
Harry: But if I can’t go to a wedding, how am I supposed to find the other Horcruxes? Dumbledore’s gone. We have to finish what we started. We have to destroy Voldemort.
The three friends are walking outside.
Ron: I’ve been wondering. Voldemort... You-Know-Who hid his soul in Horcruxes, right? And two have been destroyed, right? Do you think he knows that part of him is dead?
Harry: I don’t care. Let’s just find the other four and destroy what remains.

Can we talk about this later, please? We shouldn’t spoil Bill and Fleur’s big day.

2.2 For the first time you have full control over Harry now.

Look around using R

Look left and notice a man with long grey hairs standing left of a barn.
Harry: Blimey... seems loony runs in the genes! Who is that?

Luna’s father, Xenophilius, we should say hello.

(to Ron) He’s supported Harry all through the summer when the Prophet’s been ignoring the truth. Besides, it might be the last chance we get to speak to Luna. It’s strange, thinking everyone will be back at Hogwarts without us.
A message will then appear:
Press B at any time to cast Four-Points and learn where to go next. Four-Points will show you the most direct route to your destination, but not always the safest.

Cast Four-Points by pressing B and releasing

Approach Xenophilius and listen to a conversation he’s having with someone:
I know... who’d’ve thought it? How are you two getting on?
Oh just fine, fine. No sign of them getting married yet, let alone grandkids, but then with everything that’s going on at the moment it’s hard to make plans for the future.
You believe the rumours then?
Well, you-Know-Who is back. I mean the Minister saw him didn’t he? Fudge I mean. And the Dark Mark’s been seen several times. Who’s going to stop him this time? And what’s going to happen if You-Know-Who wins? I fear for us all.

Press A to talk.

Hello, Mr Lovegood.

Xenophilius (or “Lovegood”?): Ah, I trust you know, Mr. Potter, that we at The Quibbler fully supported Dumbledore during his lifetime and in his death support you just as fully.
Harry: Er, thanks. Is Luna with you?
Xenophilius: She lingered in that charming, little garden, such a glorious infestation of Gnomes! Or, to give them their correct name, the “Gernumbli Gardensi”. You might want to congratulate Mr. Weasley on them; he was looking for you just now.
Harry: Thanks, yeah, I will.

A message appears:
Xenophilius informed you that Mr. Weasley is looking for you. Cast Four-Points to find him.

Cast Four-Points and find the way to Ron’s Dad

2.3 Find Mr. Weasley at the end of the path.
Harry: Mr. Weasley? Did you want to speak to us?

Ah, yes. Yes I did. You see...

It turns out that Dumbledore left you things in his will.
To you, Ron, he left his Deluminator. To Hermione his copy of “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”. And to you Harry, he left the Snitch you caught in your first Quidditch Match.
He also left you the Sword of Godric Gryffindor, but, the Ministry is insisting the Sword wasn’t Dumbledore’s to give away. Not that it matters, because no one can find the Sword anyway.

Harry: Did he say what these were for?
I’m afraid he didn’t... Now, why don’t you pop those up to your rooms and come down to the Party? We have a wedding to celebrate don’t we?

Hermione: My mum used to read me “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”.
Harry: How are children’s stories supposed to help us find the Horcruxes?
Ron: Dunno. Maybe Dumbledore just wanted to cheer us up. Do you think all these things are a clue?
Suddenly Hermione looks left and notices fireballs coming from the air hitting the wedding tent.

Are there supposed to be fireworks before the wedding?

Someone shouts: 

The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead. They are coming...

2.4 Harry is standing in a field with an abundance of Death Eaters.

Harry can take cover behind the stones

If you now press START you get a new screen. Select Mission Log and read.

Your Mission in this Level

Barriers and objects can be used for protection. When close to cover press X to take shelter.
Go left or right from your shelter and use RT to cast Stupefy at the attacking Death Eaters. Spells cast are more accurate if aimed first. Press and hold LT and move R to aim.

Aim and cast Stupefy

After having defeated a number of Death Eaters your Spells are now more powerful. More Death Eaters are attacking; get to the wedding tent to make sure everyone is OK!
Ron: We have to stop them. We’d better get out of here, mate.
You can now hold LB to cast a protective Spell (Protego).
Fallen enemies occasionally drop useful items. You can pick them up by pressing A, like Murtlap Essence or Strenghtening Solution.
Hurry to The Burrow now. Get rid of enough Death Eaters on the way and unlock a new Spell: Impedimenta. Press RB to select Spells.

Press RT to cast the Spell. Hold RT for a longer burst.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione reach the Burrow they need to leave quickly.