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Level 29


29.1 Escape from the Lovegood House.

This path is full of Zombies

They appear from all sides. Use everything you can: shooting, Garrotting Gas, Exploding Bombs...

Garrotting Gas

Just keep fighting about 50 Zombies on your way out.


And the end of this long path you’ll be stopped.

29.2 Stop by the Whomping Willow.

A WhompingWillow on your way

Then you’ll meet your usual Dementors.

Dementors to be expelled

29.3 And now it’s time for the Acromantula.

The Spiders are back!

Then there are more Zombies to kill until you find a chest with The Daily Prophet on your way.

Open the chest

You’re entering a more open space now.

This part of the path is pretty safe

29.4 You’re now entering the ruins place.

Prepare for a heavy battle here

Harry, Ron and Hermione are having a converstation.

That decoration... I knew I’d seen it before. It was Herumpent Horn: Class B Tradeable Material. They’re very unstable.
So’s Xenophilius. Is there no one we can trust?
You can't blame him. They took Luna. And at least now we know what You-Know-Who is after, he wants the Deathly Hallows.
We can’t stay here, they’ll be after us.

Some guys appear from behind a tree.

Hello beautiful!

WARNING: From here on there are no Savegames during the battle and there are at least over a hundred goons running between the ruins. 

So, survive the incoming attack...

And hide whenever you’re in a bad Health

29.5 Ron is panicking.

There’s more of them and we can’t keep running.


Level 30