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Level 8

8.1 Youíre in London again. Your goal is to steal 3 Polyjuice Potions from Witches and Wizards that are walking in the streets. Then you can enter the Ministry of Magic.
The entrance to the Ministry is disguised as public toilets...
Itís through there on the main road. But thereís bound to be a guard and we canít Apparate in.
Well, we canít just walk in, theyíd recognize us!

The Horcrux is in there, we have to find a way in.

Then weíll have to find a way to disguise ourselves.

8.2 Follow Reg Cattermole and attempt to subdue him without being discovered.
Put the Cloak on and follow Reg Cattermole.

Reg Cattermole

Cast Four-Points to find your way. When under the Cloak get close to your target and use Supefy to stun them when theyíre alone.

Cast Stupefy and collect Polyjuice Potion 1/3

8.3 Go to the chest in the right corner and press A to collect The Daily Prophet.

Open the chest

Then follow Mafalda Hopkirk and attempt her to subdue her without being discovered.Follow her until she is alone, stun her with Stupefy and take Polyjuice Potion 2/3.

Get Polyjuice Potion 2/3

8.4 Follow Albert Runcorn and attempt to subdue him without being discovered.


Albert Runcorn

Get Albert when is all alone and Stupefy. Get Polyjuice 3/3.

Polyjuice Potion3/3

8.5 Now go to Ron and Hermione and give them the Polyjuice Potion. 
Press A to drink the Polyjuice Potion. All three will now look different. You have to get to the Toilets giving access to the Ministry of Magic now.

Hereís your new Harry Potter look

Cast Four-Points to find your way to the Toilets.

Enter the Toilets

8.6 Careful with the Death Eaters inside

They wonít recognize you anyway

Go inside a Toilet.
We flush ourselves in?
Apparently so.
Thatís bloody disgusting.

Just pull the chain.

This had better been a magical Toilet.

They are now in another section of town.


There are enough Death Eaters. I donít fancy being spotted by this lot.

Iím late already.

Get to the lifts

Level 9