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Level 30


30.1 You have escaped by Dobbie, the house elf.

You’re now inside the quarters of the Malfoy family and Bellatrix. So it’s going to be another fight.

Start shooting between the pillars

Press A to collect a Deadly Hallows Symbol.

The Deadly Hallows Symbol

Run up the Stairs.

The stairs are in front of you

Once upstairs you’ll meet the whole family, including Draco Malfoy.

This Sword is meant to be in my Vault in Gringotts...

How did you get it?
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Liar. What else did you take?
But I don’t know anything about the Sword. We found it in the forest. We’ve never been in your Vault.

30.2 Now you’ll meet the whole evil family.

Hermione is captured by Bellatrix

Bellatrix: I think Scabior has taking a liking to you. What say we let him have you?

Nooooooo! Expelliarmus!

Scabior bows over Hermione who is lying on the floor.


Now you have to survive Bellatrix’s and the Malfoys attack.

Start the battle

Suddenly Dobbie enters the scene.

You must not hurt Harry Potter!

Bellatrix replies:

You dirty little monkey!...

How dare you take a Witch’s Wand, how dare you defy your masters?

But the Malfoy gang is paralyzed and Harry and friends are leaving now.

Give the Dark Lord our regards.