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Level 15

15.1 Follow Dean Thomas: cast Four-Points.

Cast Four-Points

Proceed and listen to Deanís Goblin:

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, thatís all you Wizards talk about...

Yet from what it says in The Daily Prophet heís not much of a thing to put your faith in...

You canít believe anything in the Prophet. You should try The Quibbler, that tells you how things really are.

Next you see 4 Wizards walking along the path.

Eliminate them one by one with Expelliarmus

Cast Four-Points and find the entrance to the first cooling tower.

Into the 1st cooling tower

15.2 Cast Four-Points to get inside.

This track will lead you inside the tower

Here youíll meet the Inferi. They cannot be defeated, but you can stun them by casting at them.

Stun the Inferi with any cast and pass them as quick as you can

If they grasp you tap A repeatedly to get back on your feet.

Keep tapping A here and get out

Keep casting Four-Points to reach the next tower.

Enter the next tower

Hide behind the shield, and select Expelliarmus to get rid of 4 Wizards.

Whipe them out one by one

Keep casting Four-Points to follow Dean and his Goblin. Youíll end up at the abandoned warehouse once again.

15.3 Cast Four-Points and walk on.

Ron: We should talk to Dean, maybe he knows whatís happening at Hogwarts.

That Goblin might recognize us, itís too dangerous.

Ron: Itís not like we have another plan, is it? At least this way we might learn something.

Dean and his Goblin walk through a door and are continuing their way...

Cast Four-Points once again and follow the track.

The track will lead you to some more Snatchers

Kill them all and get inside the warehouse full of Spiders.

This looks like an Acromantula lair.

When youíve killed enough of the Acromantulas you will have earned a new Spell:

Wingardium Leviosa

The Spell levitates objects, allowing the caster to move them around in the air.
The Four-Spells cast urges you to climb up the stairs again.

Climb up the stairs

Kill all foes and open a chest.

Open this chest

15.4 Cast Four-Points and follow Dean Thomas.

The track leads you down and outside

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on some barrels to free the way.

Wingardium Leviosa will move the barrels

Cast Four-Points

Then kill all the Creeps.

There are lots of them

Two Dementors will then fly in. You know how to take care of them.
Cast Four-Points to find the door where Dean and the Goblin passed through.

Go past the door

Level 16