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Level 10

10.1 Search for Umbridge on Level 1 (the second floor).
Just to make sure... set your Spells on Impedimenta and cast Four-Points to find the way in.
Cloak and follow left.

Four-Points will show the way left

Continue to an open space.

The open space

On the way pick up The Daily Prophet

Go inside the first door on your right.

Enter this door

Uncloak here and unlock the Expulso Spell. This releases short, sharp blasts from the wand tip, which blasts the victim off their feet.

Unlock Expulso

You will be given a message:
Search the Offices for clues about where Umbridge might be.
In order to get out of this room you may have to shoot some Wizards (use Impedimenta) and even expel some Dementors. Better stay cloaked to avoid these fights.

Get out

Turn right entering the first Office.

Inside Office 1/6


10.2 Inside Office 1/6

Now go left (cast Four-Spells) and enter Office 2.

You can collect Doxycide here

10.3 2/6 Offices searched

Your 2nd Office searched

Immediately cloak to avoid fights with Wizards and Dementors and cast Four-Points to find the entrance to the 3rd Office.

10.4 Enter the 3rd Office

The way to the 3rd Office

Get your way to the 4th Office and before entering kill the Wizards.

Get into the 4th Office

10.5 Kill the Wizards

Explore Office #4

Four-Points will the lead you to the 5th Office.

Cast Four Points to lead you to the next Office

10.6 Office 5/6

5/6 Offices searched

Cast Four-Points to follow the track to Office #6.

The entrance to the 6th Office

10.7 Office 6/6

Inside Office #6

You can open a Chest here.

Open the Chest

Find the clue: Umbridge is in the Courtrooms. Cast Four-Points.

Your final clue

Follow the track that will lead you back to the lifts. Enter the lift.

To the lifts

Level 11