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Level 17

17.1 Cross the bridge and go left.

Go left after passing the bridge

WARNING: This Level has no Savegames. You’ll have to make it to your final goal, which is one of the cooling towers. The path runs along the ruins and there are lots of Wizards you’ll have to fight. I counted over 50 of them. 
Keep this in mind: always find a shelter like the back wall of a shack and make your escapades from there. Never kill more than one Wizard. Immediately hide again. Meantime Hermione will weaken them with Stupefy, but eventually you’ll have to kill them one by one with Expelliarmus.

Soon you’ll find a Whomping Willow. Pass right along the elevated section without being hurt.

The first Whomping Willow

Behind the Willow you’ll meet more Spiders. Stupefy is all right to get them down, and Hermione will be of a great assistance with that.


Pass the second Whomping Willow on your far right and make sure you have Expelliarmus ready.

The 2nd Whomping Willow

Here is a first section full of Snatchers you’ll have to defeat. There are many of them, not only on the ground but also from above.

Kill all of these Snatchers

Then talk to Hermione:
Ron’ll come back, Hermione.

We should do some research...

We need to be ready to find the next Horcrux, if he does come back.

Then run to the door leading to the abandoned site

Defeat a whole bunch of Snatchers and cast Four-Points to find the first obstruction (you’ll meet two of them).

Cast Confringo

Again, you’ll have to defeat lots of foes here.

Keep in mind to always hide from the foes

Always cast multiple Four-Points to find your way to the towers.

Four-Points will lead you to your final destination

But then you’ll have to face two Dementors.

Expel the Dementors

Cast Four-Points to get out of this area

You’ve reached the cooling towers

Keep casting Four-Points until you’ve reached the last tower. There are no enemies under the towers. Finally talk to Hermione.

Find Hermione and talk to her

Hermione: This looks like a good place. We could set up camp here. I’ve cast protective enchantments. The camp should be hidden, but maybe Ron can still find us, if he comes back soon. I mean he knows the sort of place we’d go.

You can safely camp here now (it’s Christmas time). Complete the three named Levels in any order:

The Ministry Detention Area

The Acromantula

The Quarry

Highlight any of these three and press A to confirm. I will follow the suggested sequence though.

Level 18