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Level 11

11.1 Get into the lift.

Find Dolores Umbridge in the Courtrooms and discover if she has the Horcrux

When the Level is loading youíll get a hint:

Certain obstacles can only be destroyed by using Confringo Spell. Others may require Exploding Potion

Get out into the corridors.

Move into the corridors

Cast Impedimanta to kill a number of Snatchers, and take Murtlap Essence and Doxycide.

Get rid of some Snatchers

Move through the door to the balcony

11.2 Enter the balcony.

To the balcony

Youíll witness an order:

Would all Snatchers escort the accused to the Courtroom immediately?

You Ďeard what she said. Get Moving.

Be careful here. There are about 20 Snatchers. You can enter the balcony, turn right and kill one or two, but then immediately retreat behind the entrance.

Kill some Snatchers, get their stuff and hide

Then kill the Snatchers under the Gazebo and hide again.

A new round of shooting Snatchers

Pass through the Gazebo.

Your Spells are now more powerful

You now have to follow a corridor that will lead you to Umbridge.

Well, I think weíre all ready to continue now, arenít we?

Let me see who is next... Mary Cattermole?

When entering the scene youíll hear that Umbridge bitch rattling:
Mary Elizabeth Cattermole? A wand was taken from you upon your arrival at the Ministry today. Mrs. Cattermole, would you please tell the Court from which Witch or Wizard you took this wand?
Cattermole: But I didnít take it. I got it from Diagon Alley, at Ollivanders, when I was eleven. It chose me.
Umbridge: No, no, I donít think so Mrs. Cattermole. Wands only choose Witches. And you are not a Witch.
Cattermole: But I am! I am!
Umbridge: I think youíll find that is for me to decide Mrs. Cattermole and I have to say, that in my role as Senior Undersecretary to the Minister and Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission I have rarely seen such a clear case of fraudulent identity. Even for a Muggle-born, your claims of innocence are far-fetched. Iím afraid I cannot see any defense for your actions, not one. Nor do I see anyone here today who is here to defend you. Have you anything you can say... anything?

11.3 Overpower Umbridge

Your husband, Reg Cattermole?

Yes, yes we shall have to investigate whether he too is a Muggle-born imposter working at the heart of the Ministry and helping other Muggle-borns infiltrate his Department. Still, at least he works at the Ministry, your parents were... greengrocers., hardly a job for pure Wizarding Blood. You are Muggle-born. Admit it, Mrs. Cattermole, you stole your Magic. You will only make it easier on yourself if you confess.

Get in and stun Umbridge with Impedimenta. Youíll have to do this six times.

The fight with Umbridge

More Snatchers will have to be exterminated until a number of Dementors fly in.

11.4 Dementors enter now.

Letís see if you survive a Dementorís kiss, Potter!

Unexpectedly, Ron and Hermione enter the scene and help you out.

Cast the Spells

You can collect the Horcrux now!

Press A to pick up the Locket

And now escape the Ministry: Iíve got the Horcrux! Weíll have to get back to the Floo Network in the Atrium, itís the only way out of the Ministry.

Talk to Ron:

Letís go to the lift, mate.

Cast Four-Points.

Youíll find your way to the lifts

Go on to the lifts.

Level 12