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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 1

[1.1] Ron and Ginny fly in on their broom sticks to the weird house on the Burrow.

Ron and Ginny fly in


Outside, Harry is waiting for them.

Hey, Harry!


Harry: Hi, Ginny.
Ron: Harry, youíve been chosen! Youíre Gryffindor Quidditch Captain!
I knew youíd get it. Youíve not flown all summer, so youíd better get some practice. Come on, Mr. Chosen One!
Ron: You can use my broom.

Ron is lending his broom to Harry


Ron owns a super classy broom with foot supports. You now start a broom flight chasing the Snitch. Use LAS to control your flight. Fly through Star-shaped hoops to earn more time and point the broom at the Snitch! You wonít catch the Snitch if you donít aim at it!

Flying though a Star


Once through the Star you will see your next Star and the Snitch passing through.

Your next Star and the Snitch


Ginny is following Harry on her broom from a distance:
Come on. Are you Slytherinís Captain or Gryffindorís!?

Each time you fly through a star your speed is boosted. Harry is overtaking the Snitch because of his faster speed.

Harry is nearing the Snitch


Ginny: You are good!

Thatís it! Harry is catching the Snitch!

Harry has caught the Snitch


Youíve earned your first Badge:

Quidditch Beginnerís Luck Badge


Pause the Game by pressing \ and open the Rewards Tab. Select Badges>Quidditch Gold Badges.

Open Rewards>Badges>Quidditch Gold Badges


Here you will be confirmed that you now have won the Quidditch Beginnerís Luck Badge because you caught the Snitch for the first time.
Continue the Game.

Your first Quidditch Gold Badge has been registered


Harry and Ginny take a break on their brooms.
That was brilliant! Slytherin doesnít stand a chance!
Hermione and Ron want to see you. Why donít you find them? Come on.

Ginny urges Harry to return to the house at the Burrow


When they reach the house notice a sign appearing in the lower right corner of the screen for a few seconds announcing the next Autosave. Save Block 1.2 is starting now when Ginny talks to Harry near the barn.

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