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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 27


[27.1] Hermione, Harry and Ron meet in the Gryffindor Common Quarters.

Tell me again how I broke up with Lavender?...


Donít get me wrong, Iím bloody thrilled we did. Itís just she seems... a bit put out.
Hermione: Donít you remember anything from that night? Oh, honestly, Ron.
Ron: Itís not my fault. I was poisoned! It must be a side effect...
Hermione: Well, youíre not the only one out of Hospital. Katie Bell is back. I saw her in the Great Hall.
Harry: Now we can find out who gave her that necklace. She can tell us who cursed her!

Go and see Katie Bell in the Great Hall


Leave for the Great Hall, make a tour for the Mini-Crests and end up in the Antechamber. On your right is the Entrance to the Conference Room and on your left is the Exit to the Courtyard. Katie Bell is in the Conference Room. Before entering you could do an interesting side trip first. Go outside to the Courtyard and take the passage to the second Courtyard.

Go outside to the Courtyard

Run to the second Courtyard


On your left youíll meet a framed Crest overgrown by a shrub (youíve seen it before). Cast multiple Incendio on the shrub until it is completely burned down and the Crest is freed.

Burn the shrub down


On the other side of the Entrance to the second Courtyard you can cast WL on an pot and lead it under the Crest. Hit and it will drop down. Take the Crest.

Hit the Crest with the pot and collect


You have just unlocked a Reward: Love Potions in Potions Club.
In the Courtyard youíll meet a Slytherin guy:
Well, you may have beaten our Junior Champion, but I bet thereís one Spell you canít do very well: Petrificus Totalis.
Harry: I can do that. You use it to paralyze your opponent.

You canít do that, Potty! Youíre lying.


Harry: No Iím not, Iíll show you!
Push LAS and RAS towards each other to cast Petrificus Totalis:

Petrificus Totalis

The effect of the Spell


Defeat this guy. He says:
So you can cast it. Well done. Not as stylishly as a Slytherin can cast it though.
Youíve earned the Keen Duellist Badge:

Keen Duellist Badge


Run up the stairs to the end of the gallery where you saw a framed Crest covered by a shrub before. Burn the shrub with multiple Incendio.

Expose the framed Crest


Behind you is a Dungbomb Box. Take one out with WL and lead it to the wall where it will explode. The Crest will drop to the floor.

Collect the Crest


On your way back youíll notice a Fireworks Box. Cast Incendio and it will release a Crest.

The Fireworks Box contains a Crest


Take the bridge to Hogwarts Entrance and enter the Hall.

Enter Hogwarts Hall


Go up the stairs and follow the corridor to the door that gives access to the Stone Bridge.

Follow to the Stone Bridge


Thereís a free Crest for you on the Stone Bridge.

The Crest on the Stone Bridge


Turn around and notice a framed Crest above the door you just came through. Lift up the boulder on your left and hit the Crest.

Use the boulder to collect the Crest


Enter the next corridor until the end ant notice a framed Crest above the door. Use the bench to hit and collect.

Use the bench to get the Crest


Go through this door and pass two corridors to reach the Great Hall again.

Back to the Great Hall


Return to the Antechamber and enter the Conference room. Katie Bell is waiting for Harry:

How are you, Katie?


Katie: Give me a moment. I know youíre going to ask, but I donít know who cursed me. Iíve tried to remember, but... I just canít...

Chase Draco!


Harry: Confess what you did, Malfoy. Tell me what youíre planning. You canít keep hiding, Malfoy!
The chase goes all along the Entrance Hall to the Courtyard, the Bridge to Hogwarts Hall, up the stairs until youíll finally stop him in the bathroom.

Just leave me alone, Potter!


A Duel will start now. At the end Harry will cast Sectumsempra thus defeating Draco Malfoy.

Cast the usual Spells

Draco is going to use a Curse on Harry

Harry is faster and casts Sectumsempra


This almost kills Draco: Donít touch me! Donít you dare touch me!

Suddenly Snape enters the bathroom.

We need to get you to the Hospital Wing...


And you, Potter... Where did you learn that Spell?
Harry: I... It was in a Library book.
Snape: Liar. You are to gather all your school books Ė ALL of them Ė and bring them to me here immediately.

In the next scene you see Harry talking with Ginny:

So, I gave Ronís book to Snape instead.


Ginny: And you used a Spell you didnít recognize on Draco?
Harry: I didnít mean to! He was trying to curse me and I... I just...
Ginny: You have to get rid of the book. And I know just where you can hide it:

The Room of Requirement...


Ginny: If you want to conceal something, this is where you come. Close your eyes.
Ginny takes the book out of Harryís hand:



Now, now no one will find it. Harry... Iíve got a secret too...

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