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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 8


[8.1] A burning map explains how a new area has been unlocked:

New area unlocked


Harry: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Mischief managed.

You will see the opening screen with your number of Hogwarts Crests and Mini-Crests in the Inventory. That number depends on how you are playing the Game. These figures refer to the ones I found so far:

Your Crest Inventory


You will now meet Katie. A discussion with a Slytherin guy will follow, but Katie will guide Harry to the Gate where the Quidditch Cup will happen.


I heard a rumor Slytherin were going to try and sabotage our team selection...


We’d better get to the Quidditch Pitch before they do anything.
Harry: The Aurors have reopened all the grounds. Let's go through the Clock Tower. That should be the quickest way there.
Katie: Come on then.

Go to the Quidditch Pitch with Katie


In the corridor you can cast Wingardium Leviosa on a chair and knock out a Hogwarts Crest.

Get your 25th Hogwarts Crest out of the frame


In the Corridor you must take all the Mini-Crest from the shiny objects.

Take Mini-Crests from shiny objects


Now enter the Clock Tower.

The entrance to the Clock Tower


Go inside and find your 26th Crest on the left side – for free.

Crest #26


On the other side you will notice another Hogwarts Crest. Go all around and get that one too.

Crest #27


By extracting more Mini-Crests you’ll earn your 28th Crest.

Crest #28 earned by collecting Mini-Crests


At the end of the corridor you will be at the Entrance to the Hospital Wing. There is a framed Crest you can knock out with Wingardium Leviosa on a chair to hit the frame.

Get Hogwarts Crest #29


Next you may enter the Hospital Wing and extract Mini-Crests from shiny beds. Go out and meet some nasty Indian Students (Not that all Indians are nasty, of course, but these ones really are).

Duel one of the guys and when you defeat him earn Hogwarts Crest #30.

This duel will get you Crest #30


Go back and forth extracting Mini-Crests and earn Hogwarts Crest # 31.

Your 31st Crest


You can now return to the Grand Hall exploring all of the moving stairs and get Crest #32 by collecting Mini-Crests.

Crest #32 obtained by collecting Mini-Crests


When in the Great Hall with the moving stairs collect all Mini-Crest you can get from shiny objects.
Now finally go to the end of the Hall where you will meet a closed gate.

What?! Have the Aurors decided to close this again?


Katie: Reparo should do the trick.
Reparo is a new Spell Harry will learn now. It is a Spell that joins broken pieces.

Instructions are now provided of how to cast Reparo. Push LAS and meantime rotate RAS clockwise.

Cast Reparo on the key


The parts of the broken key will now join, the key will enter the slot and the gate to the Quidditch Cup will open.

The repaired key will open the gate to the Quidditch Cup

Level 9: