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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 14

[14.1] Go to the girl at the other end of the room.

Ron: Letís go and beat Slytherin.

Harry: Heís just feeling... lucky.


Girl: Right... time for our pre-match warm-up. Iíve planned a few exercises that should help to get us through. So, get your brooms and letís get flying.

Warming up

The first part of the Match is merely an exercise. Take your broom and start flying through the stars following the Snitch. This time itís  in the Arena. You will often leave the Arena in between the columns, so make sure you donít bump. Each time you fly through a star your speed is increased so that you can eventually catch the Snitch. Here are some Screenshots that need no comments:

Harry gets the Snitch!


You have earned your Combo Flyer Badge.

Combo Flyer Badge


Gryffindor versus Slytherin

Now this is the real thing!

Get ready for the Match to start!

Welcome to todayís Match: Gryffindor versus Slytherin!


Be careful for your adversary and for the Dummies. Try to avoid bumping against them. That would slow down your chase after the Snitch.
Here are some more Screenshots of the Match:

He caught it! That will upset Slytherin!


[14.2] Harry meets Hermione in the Great Hall.

Hermione looks a bit upset:

You shouldnít have done it, Harry...


Felix Felicis is illegal in organized competitions.
Harry: I suppose I shouldíve just confounded McLaggen in the Trials instead?
Hermione: Donít worry, your secretís safe with me.

Hermione leaves through the Gryffindor Quarters Shortcut, but Harry stands in the door and he continues the conversation.

Oh, and Ron only thought Iíd given it to him. It turns out like he can make his own luck.


Hermione: Well, he wonít need to take me to Slughornís Christmas Party. And youíd better decide who youíre going with. How does it feel? When you see Dean with Ginny? I know, Harry, Iíve seen how you look at her.
Harry: Hermione, Iím sure Ron...
Hermione: Oh, donít worry about Ron. He can make his own luck!

Hermione leaves now. Youíll get a view of Hogwarts getting into the dark of the night...

Itís getting night at Hogwarts

Level 15: