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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 20


[20.1] Follow the instructions for the Potion.

Shredded Boomslang skin... unlucky Boomslang.


Pick up the correct jar and add to the liquid until it gets the desired color: orange.

Add powder from the jar until the liquid turns orange


Heat up until it gets green.

Turning green


Stir counter-clockwise until the Potion turns teal.

Stir it teal


Add 7 black worms Ė one by one.

Add 7 worms


The liquid is now purple. Pick up the correct jar and pour out until it turns red.

From purple to red


Stir counter-clockwise three times:

From red to orange

From orange to yellow

From yellow to green



Add 3 Sea Urchins.

Sea Urchins


The Potion will turn blue. Add 1 branch.

Add a branch


The Potion turns pink. Heat up until it gets orange.



Pour out the red flask until the Potion gets teal.

Pour out the red flask



Add two black worms and the Potion will turn purple.



Stir counter-clockwise until it gets grey.




Back again are we, Harry?


...And a splendid Polyjuice Potion youíre making Ė but I hope youíre not intending to take it ... It is a restricted Potion.

Youíre sure itís Polyjuice, Sir?


Slughorn: Of course! That grey and sludgy finish... All characteristic... but then you should know, mílad. You made it.
Harry: Er, I was just experimenting... Thanks, Sir.
Slughorn leaves. Harry (to Hermione):
Polyjuice Potion. You use that if you want to look like someone else. I wonder what Malfoy would want with that?
Hermione: Voldemort... isnít going to trust Malfoy with a mission. You havenít got a scrap of evidence, have you?
Harry: No. Not yet. But Iíll get something.

The Level ends with some nice views of Hogwarts when itís getting evening.

The end of a beautiful day at Hogwarts

Level 21: