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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 13

[13.1] Next you see Harry, Hermione and Ron in a room.

Malfoy knew about that necklace


It was on display at Borgin and Burkes.
Hermione: But Katie was given the necklace in the Ladies’ toilet; how could Draco have put it in there?

Some girl enters the room:

Good luck today, Ron! I know you’ll be brilliant!


Ron: I resign after today’s Match. McLaggen can have my spot.
Harry: Fine. Juice?

Harry offers Ron a glass of juice.

Then a girl with a Lion’s mask shows up and replies:

You look dreadful, Ron. Is that why you put something in this cup?


You could be expelled for that.
Harry: Dunno what you’re talking about.

Make your way to the Quidditch Pitch


Before leaving to the Antechamber take all Mini-Crests from shiny lanterns and objects.

Lots of shiny objects in there


Make a round through the Grand Hall of moving staircases and collect all Mini-Crests you can find. In fact you can return to the Antechamber with the bird and return to the previous room for collecting even more of them.

Shiny objects in the Hall of staircases


You can take an optional grand tour outside. Lifting the benches with Wingardium Leviosa didn’t work for me to get the framed Crests on each side of the door.

Benches are obstructed by the lanterns under the frames


Outside the Courtyard you can now join the shattered fragments of a broken Crest with  Reparo and collect the Crest.

Repair and collect the Crest


You may now make an optional visit to the Boathouse. There are two ways to go down: one is through a dirt road and one through a series of staircases.
You can collect a considerable amount of Mini-Crests on this side trip. Take the dirt road down and find a Crest on your way down.

A Crest on your way down


There are two frames with Crests on the walls of the Boathouse but I can’t get them out by now.

Frames Crests on the Boathouse walls


Return by the stairs and find a Crest on your way up.

Your next Crest lying on the stairs


Back in the Grand Hall of moving staircases you can take another round for Mini-Crests. Then summon Nick to lead to you to the Quidditch Pitch.

Ah, Harry. Good luck today. Let’s start the Quidditch season with a win.


Nick will lead you through the Clock Tower Shortcut. Press green for the password and the Portrait Lady will answer and open the door.

To the Clock Tower


There is a Crest in the large pendulum. Nick:

Would you like to stop and get that Crest, Harry?


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on one of the pots in the corners and knock the Crest out. Time your Spell well because of the pendulum’s motion.

You can get the Crest out of the Pendulum


In the Courtyard outside you’ll meet a nasty Slytherin guy:

Well, well, if it isn’t Potty Potter and Weasel King!


You’re going to lose today! Slytherin are Supreme!
The Slytherin guy wants a Duel.
Harry (to Ron): Leave this to me, I’m feeling pretty confident.
Slytherin fellow: And now for you, Potter! Let’s see how well you play Quidditch after you’ve been Stupefied!

However, Harry wins the Duel (use the Spells):

That guy will be Stupefied


[13.2] Ron turns toward Harry:

Sorry about that, Harry.


Explore the Courtyard and the surrounding Gallery for Mini-Crests in glowing objects. Then Summon Nearly Headless Nick again.
Nick appears: Shall we? Here I am, talking away... You’d better get to the Quidditch Pitch.
Nick will guide you through the covered bridge. Take all the Mini-Crest from the glowing lanterns.

Through the covered bridge


When you exit through the Chapel Nick says:
I have the feeling a Crest is somewhere around here.
Look up at the Chapel and you will notice a framed Crest. Pick up a nearby boulder with Wingardium Leviosa and lead it in front of the door. Cast again to knock the Crest out and collect it from the floor. As always this is tricky, you may have retry for quite a while.

Get the next Crest from the Chapel wall


Before following Nick into the grotto walk down and take the Mini-Crests from each of the glowing lanterns. Then follow Nick on the dirt road picking up more Mini-Crests. You’ll suddenly earn your next Hogwarts Crest from the Mini-Crests.

A Hogwarts Crest earned from collecting Mini-Crests


You have to pass the grotto you’ve been to before. There are numerous lit objects to shake out Mini-Crests.

Mini-Crests in the Grotto


Out of the grotto Nick will lead you down from a big staircase to a painting that leads to the Grand Hall.

Painting: They’re all listening, watching, plotting!


Those Quidditch players... so noisy... so rowdy!

Harry: Oh sorry...


I shall ask my Team to keep the noise down as they pass you.
Painting: You’re one of them! A Captain too! You might as well use my shortcut too... all the Team Captains do. My Password is “Boiled Beetles”.

Speak the password


Painting: They say I’m paranoid, but how could I be... ?

Now the Painting’s door will open and you may enter the Grand Hall of moving staircases. Option: explore the entire Hall again for glowing objects and collect all Mini-Crests. Then return to the painting and speak the password “Boiled Beetles” again to use the Quidditch Gate Shortcut to the staircase.

Take the shortcut to the staircase you just came from


Go all the way down to the Entrance room of the Quidditch Pitch and take out all Mini-Crests from shiny objects before you approach the welcome girl on the opposite side.

The Quidditch Entrance room

Level 14: