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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 10


[10.1]  You are invited to meet Ginny outside of the Quidditch Gate.

Meet Ginny outside of the Quidditch Gate


You can first collect your 40th Hogwarts Crest by casting Wingardium Leviosa. The Crest will fall from the pedestal.

Get the 40th Crest


Youíll meet Ron: What do you think Dean sees in her? Ginny.
Harry: I donít know. Sheís got nice... skin.
Ron: Nice skin? Hermioneís got nice skin.

Jinny enters the scene:
Hey, Harry.
Ron: Er. I need to, er...
Harry: Yeah, me too.
Ginny: Could you get me some sweets for Honeydukes? Iíve got to write two essays and make a Shrinking Solution for homework, so I canít go.
Harry: Iíll make the Shrinking Solution for you; then you can come to the Hogsmeade...
Ginny: Since when have you been into Potions?
Harry: Itís no problem. Slughornís let some students set up a Potions in the Herbology Greenhouses. I can make it there.
Ginny: Okay, thanks, Iíll meet you back here later.
Ginny leaves and a new area will be unlocked:

New area unlocked

Go to the Herbology Greenhouses


Follow Ginny but take the left staircase bringing you to an open area.

Take the left staircase


There are lots of Mini-Crests to take and you will learn more techniques to gather Hogwarts Crests.
Lift a rock with Wingardium Leviosa to lead it in front of a wall where a Crest is enlisted. Cast the Spell again to knock the Crest out of the frame.

Get Hogwarts Crest #41


Speed up and get your 42nd Crest.

Getting your 42nd Crest


Some Crests are locked behind bars or grates like this one:

A Hogwarts Crest locked behind a grate.


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Crest. It will break into pieces. Lead them out and cast Reparo to heal it. You may repeat this a few times though.

Get Crest #43


Further on thereís another one behind a grate. You know what to do know.

Crest #44


There are some Crests hidden behind shrubs that you canít collect for now, you need a new Spell. Return to the staircase on your right.

The staircase on you right


You will follow a bridge entering a cavern:

The bridge leading to a cavern


With enough Mini-Crest you can now collect your 45th Crest.

Earn your 45th Crest


When you collected your 9th Hogwarts Crest Dungbomb Boxes would appear at certain locations as a bonus. Here is your first one:

A Dungbomb Box


Wingardium Leviosa will get a bomb out the box that you must lead to the wall with a framed Crest. The Bomb will explode and free the Crest.

Get your 46th Crest with a Dungbomb


Go inside this chapel (remember the Crest above the door) and enter the Grand Staircase with your Magic Words.

Go through the Chapel

The Grand Staircase shortcut


Take all the Mini-Crests and go to Antechamber to summon Nearly Headless Nick. Follow him to the Greenhouses. Meantime earn a Hogwarts Crest.

Hogwarts Crest #47 earned by collecting Mini-Crests


Nick will lead you to Herbology.

The Entrance to Herbology


Youíll have to go through the training ground to enter the Greenhouses.

Enter the Greenhouses


You can get Mini-Crests in the Greenhouses too.

Get your Mini-Crests while in the Greenhouses

Level 11: