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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 17


[17.1] You are requested to brew a Party Punch for Slughorn.

Stir the Party Punch by turning RAS counter-clockwise


Stir it until it gets green and youíll receive a message: Well Done!

Now stir it again until it turns into the desired color:

Get the Potion blue


Stir it again until it gets red.

Stir it red


Next you will be given instructions of which jars you have to empty into the cauldron until it gets the desired color. Youíll also have to add an indicated number of lemon and orange slices, and add a number of strawberries too.
Sometimes you have to shake a bottle before pouring its contents out.

Pour in some contents of a jar

Add a number of strawberries

Shake this bottle first before pouring in


Finally stir until the Potion gets purple.

Stir until the Potion gets purple





A Nectar from the Gods! A taste of sunshine and happiness. I knew you were the man for the job míboy! Our guests are here...

Guests are entering now among which Professor Snape:

Stop here, Potter...


I only wish to convey a message. Professor Dumbledore asked me to give you his best. You see, heís travelling and wonít return until term resumes.

Harry: Travelling? Where?

Suddenly someone is shouting:
Take your hands off me filthy Squib!

Now, now, Mr. Filch, what is all this fuss about?


Draco Malfoy: Okay, okay, I was gate-crashing. Happy?

Snape: Iíll escort him out.

Snape and Draco leave the premises.

[17.2] Follow Snape and Draco:

Follow Snape and Draco


Take the Mini-Crests from all glowing objects on your way. Donít come too near to them. Snape will warn you:

Go to your lesson, Potter. Ten points from Gryffindor for skulking about.


You will then have to Try Again. When following from a safe distance youíll hear them talking.
Snape: What where you doing there?
Draco: I donít have to tell you anything. You just want to steal my glory.
Follow them to Floor 7:

Keep your voice down


Draco: Maybe I did hex that Katie Bell girl. Maybe I didnít. Whatís it to you?
Snape: I swore to protect you. I made the Unbreakable Vow Ė

I donít need protection; I was chosen! This is my moment!


Next you see the Hogwarts Express crossing a bridge under the full moon. A conversation is taking place.

Bloody hell. You donít think Snape was just Pretending?


Harry: No. He even said heíd taken an Unbreakable Oath.
Voice: The Unbreakable Vow?!
Yeah. What happens? If you break an Unbreakable Vow?

The train stops at the Burrow. Ginny is talking to Harry:
Everyone gone to bed? I donít sleep these days. So I wash my hair. Silly, right?

Happy Christmas, Harry.


Suddenly someone is calling Harry. He runs away and meets the mean Bellatrix.



Youíll have to duel with Bellatrix.

You will bow to the Dark Lord!


Defeat Bellatrix and sheíll run off, shouting: Mudbloods! Traitors to the Dark Lord!

Ginny and Harry follow her.
Ginny: Donít you see, she wants you to chase her!?
Harry: She killed Sirius!

Then Ginny runs into the arms of the Werewolf and is abducted.

Ginny is taken by the Werewolf


Harry: Iím okay. Where are you?! Keep running! Iíll find you!

Then Harry meets Bellatrix again.

Come to play, Harry?


Duel and defeat Bellatrix for a second time.
Let Aunty Bellatrix put you out of your misery.

Defeat ďAuntyĒ Bellatrix and sheíll run off for good. Harry will now look for Ginny and find her at the feet of the Werewolf.

No, Harry! Itís a trap!


Get away from her!


You now have to duel the Werewolf.

The Duel with the Werewolf


Once youíve defeated the Werewolf Ginny is set free.
Harry: Are you all right?!

Yes, thank you, Harry.


Next youíll see the Burrow on fire.
Ron meets Harry inside the Castle:
Youíre lucky you werenít killed, mate. And thanks for, you know... Ginny... If youíd not got there I couldíve had a Werewolf for a sister.

Er, yeah, no problem.


Next they discuss the visit of Draco Malfoy to Borgin and Burkes.
Ron: Dad said heíd checked Borgin and Burkes. He said Malfoy was looking at a Vanishing Cabinet.
Harry: A Vanishing Cabinet? What would he want with one of those?
Ron: Dunno, but Dad said it was still there in the shop.

Draco finds an apple in the Vanishing Cabinet

Level 18: