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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 22

[22.1] Alannis invites Harry to teach the Levicorpus Spell.

Would you like to practice casting Levicorpus with us? Iíve always wanted to learn that spell.


Cast Levicorpus by moving LAS + RAS left:

Levicorpus turns one upside down


Duelling Club

Alannis: Thanks for teaching us that. Be careful though, you might find some Ravenclaws casting it at you in future Duels! Letís try a proper Duel while youíre here. Ravenclawís Junior Champion against... Harry Potter!

There are two Rounds. The Champions greet each other with each Round.

A polite greeting

Try to win in Round 2


Harry wins! Well done!
Your Duelling Score will be shown:

Your Score


Alannis: Thanks for that Harry. As a special memberís privilege, you can use that Portrait shortcut over there.

The password is ďLight Against DarknessĒ.


Alannis continues: Why donít you try our Duelling Challenge? Just go to the noticeboard when youíre ready to give it a go.
Remember the noticeboard for later on. Prof. McGonagall joins Alannis and Harry.

I believe you are due at a Quidditch training session?


I am rather hoping Gryffindor will win the Quidditch Cup this year... Get yourself along there, Potter. Great Quidditch Teams are not built on tardiness.

Quidditch: Gryffindor Vs. Hufflepuff

Make your way to Quidditch Practice


Before taking the Shortcut to the Hall of staircases get all the Mini-Crests and Hogwarts Crests from this Courtyard. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to get the Crest out of the niche in the central tower.

Take the Crest out of the niche


There is a Box with Explosive Cauldrons near a framed Crest in the gallery. Stand in front of the opening and send one to the wall. The explosion will get the Crest out of the frame.

A framed Crest and a Box of Explosive Cauldrons

Let a Cauldron explode against the wall

Collect this Crest


Hit five banners in a row to get the Crest out of the last one.

Get the Crest from the 5th lowered banner


In a corner you can hit a framed crest with the pot on your right.

A framed Crest and a pot on your right

Hit the Crest with the pot

The Crest is lying on the floor

Collect the Crest


Now itís time go to the Grand Staircase Shortcut. Say the password (press green):

Light Against Darkness.

Keep up the good fight!


Make a round in the Grand Staircase Hall for all the Mini-Crests and enter the Quidditch shortcut. Go down the spiral staircase and enter the Antechamber of the Quidditch Arena.

Enter the Antechamber


[22.2] You will meet Ginny in there.

Hello, Harry.
Harry: Where is everyone?

Theyíre already out practicing.


Harry: Great. Can you help me with some Seeker practice?

Practice chasing the Snitch with the Hufflepuff Team. Fly through the rings and take care of the Dummies.



Eventually youíll catch the Snitch if you pass enough stars.

Harry caught the Snitch


Youíve earned the Grounded Badge:

Grounded Badge


Harry meets Ron, Ginny and McLaggen in the Antechamber.

Well done, everyone!


McLaggen: Personally, I think we need a better defense. The other Teams have really good Keepers. We havenít that luxury.
Harry: Ronís doing better than you could, McLaggen...
McLaggen: Just offering some friendly advice. One Keeper to another.
Ginny: Well, take your advice out of training room. Youíre not on the Team, McLaggen!

The others leave and Hermione is waiting for Harry.

[22.3] Walk up to Hermione.

Hermione is waiting for Harry


Hello, Harry. Are you ready for Potions? Iíve looked but I canít find anything on Horcruxes in the Library... Iíve been thinking... maybe you can make a really good Potion in todayís lesson. It will put Professor Slughorn in a good mood... Then he might tell you what heís hiding from Dumbledore.
Harry: Yeah. Yeah, thatís not a bad idea.

Ron joins Harry and Hermione


Hermione: Oh no, McLaggen! He makes Grawp look like a gentleman. Iíll see you in Potions!
Hermione is being called and leaves Harry and Ron.
Ron : So... is she seeing McLaggen?
Harry: Well, they went to Slughornís Christmas Party together, but it didnít go well.
Ron: Yeah? Come on, letís go after Hermi-... letís go to Potions.

Follow Ron to Potions


Follow Ron up the stairs to the Training Grounds. Notice a Firecracker Box on the left and cast Incendio. It will release a Crest. Walk around the fence and collect the Crest.

A Firecracker Box on your left

Ignite the fuse: a Crest will be released

Collect the Crest


On the side youíll see a Lion Statue holding a Crest and two Students nearby having a fight about something. From now on if you see two guys near a Lionís statue with a Crest you can approach the statue and press green to let the Lion ask you a favor.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Approach the fighting guys and press green to talk.

I told you, this is my Skiving Snackbox.


Other guy: Do I look I care? Just give it to me, or Iíll jinx you a face full of warts.
First guy: Why donít you get your daddy to buy you out of your lessons instead?
Harry: Hey, why donít you leave him alone?
Youíll have to duel with the second guy.

A Duel will follow


Defeat the guy and the Lion will release the Crest. The defeated guy is angry:

Ha, youíre the loser! See you, Harry!

Take the Crest


Return from this corner and notice a Crest behind a spider web on your right. Cast Incendio on the web and collect the Crest.

The Crest behind the spider web


Then youíll meet a Slytherin Student:
Hello, Potter. Iím a member of the finest Duelling Club in Hogwarts Ė Slytherin. Weíve noticed that youíre quite the Duellist. I therefore permit you to challenge me to a Duel.
Harry: Er, no, thanks. Weíre on our way to Potions.

Iím not asking you, Potty. Iím telling you! Stupefy!


Defeat this arrogant boaster. He more or less tries to save his face:
Hmph. I didnít really try anyway... Come along to our Duelling Club in the Paved Courtyard for a real Challenge.
Ron: Why are Slytherins such bad losers? Come on, letís go to Potions.

But you have to some other things here first.  Knock out a framed Crest above a door with a nearby pot.

Knock out the Crest and collect it


From now on you can take Crests that are overgrown with branches. Repeatedly cast Incendio on the branch to burn it down. Here you have a Box of Explosive Cauldrons to take it out after the branch has gone.

Burn the branch

Use an Explosive Cauldron to collect the Crest


Thereís s another one in a corner. Cast Incendio to burn the branch down and collect the Crest.

Repeatedly cast Incendio

Collect the Crest


Follow Ron past Herbology, the Transfiguration Courtyard and finally to Hogwarts Entrance Hall.

Keep following Ron

Level 23: