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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 31

[31.1] Bellatrix has been defeated by Harry and is trying to get up.

Harry casts Stupefy but Snape arrives: Protego!
And Harry tumbles to the ground. Snape (to Bellatrix):



Harry stands up and casts Sectumsempra on Snape, but the Spell has no effect on him.



Snape: You dare use my own Spells against me, Potter?!...

Yes. I’m the Half-Blood Prince.


Harry remains in some kind of shock when Snape walks away.

A cinematic then shows how Harry meets Hagrid at his burning Hut.
Hagrid... HAGRID!
Hagrid: Yeh all righ’, Don’t yeh worry, there’s nothin’ Dumbledore won’be able to put righ’...

Hagrid, Dumbledore –


Hagrid: And wha’s this wi’ the Dark Mark? Who’s been killed? Where’s Dumbledore, Harry? Where’s Dumbledore?!

In a next scene you see a red Phoenix flying towards Hogwarts Castle. Could this be Dumbledore risen from his ashes? A conversation takes place in the background. Apparently Prof. McGonagall is talking with someone:

A mysterious Phoenix bird flies to the Castle

We could arrange for the Hogwarts Express to come tomorrow –


What about Dumbledore’s funeral? You shouldn’t send the students home. They’ll want to say – to say – goodbye.

Harry , Ron and Hermione meet in the Astronomy Room:
It was Snape. It was always Snape. And I did nothing. Strange. Thinking this is a piece of Voldemort’s soul.
Hermione: Yeah. Only... it’s not. It’s a fake. There was no note inside.
Harry: Someone stole the real one and now I have to find it. I Have to finish what Dumbledore started.

We have to finish it...


...You don’t honestly think you can find all those Horcruxes on your own? Do you think we’ll ever come back... to Hogwarts?
Harry: I don’t know, but there are four more Horcruxes out there... and I’m going to destroy them all... And if I meet Severus Snape along the way... well, it’ll be all the worse for him.

The Game ends here. Congratulations! We’ll meet again at THE DEADLY HOLLOWS,  the dénouement of the Harry Potter Saga.


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