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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 2


[2.1] Ginny says to Harry:

Ron and Hermione should be around here somewhere


Harry finds Ron and Hermione near the barn.

Hermione: Oh, honestly, Ron. All we need to do is clean them out. You couldíve done it already if you hadnít had a fourth helping of dinner.

Harry joins Ron and Hermione.

When did you get there?


Harry: About half-an-hour ago. Didnít Ron tell you?
Ron: I wouldíve but youíve not let me a word in.
Harry: If youíd done these jobs for your mum, I wouldnít have needed to speak to you!
Ron: Mum wants us to get rid of these Cauldrons Fred and George left in the garage.
Harry: Iíll give you a hand.

Ron: That one smells far worse than he others!


Wingardium Leviosa

Moving the cauldrons needs the Spell of Wingardium Leviosa. A window will give you instructions of how to cast the Spell. Pull RAS (Right Analog Stick) forward and move the stick from left to right.

How to cast Wingardium Leviosa


Now the cauldron will be lifted.

Lifting the cauldron with Wingardium Leviosa


Success: That's it, well done.

Once the object has been levitated you must throw it away. You do that with pulling RAS forward. Then, the cauldron will be thrown into the pond.

The cauldron is thrown into the pond and extinguished


In order to throw the other cauldrons into the pond you must use LB or RB to change targets and then repeat the same process.

Apply the Buttons LB and RB to target another cauldron


Now all the cauldrons are in the pond.

The cauldrons are in the pond


Hermione: If youíd just take some time to learn some cleaning spells...
Ron: Who wants to spend their time cleaning things up? This was more fun.

In the next scene we see Draco Malfoy with a girl friend entering a Pub called Scribbulus.

Draco and his girl friend enter a Pub


Hermione: Whyís Draco sneaking around?
Harry: I donít know, but that leads to Borgin and Burkes. Dracoís a Death Eater!

Harry watches what is going on in the Pub:

Itís an initiation ceremony


The Train goes on to Hogwarts and Harry decides to use his Invisibility Cloak.

On the Hogwarts Express


But Draco passes the compartment where Harry and Ron are riding and says: You go on. I want to check something.
Draco is casting a Spell on Harry.

Sneaking about, listening in were you, Potter?


The train stops at Hogwarts Gate and Luna steps on the train to find Harry. She notices him lying on the floor:

Oh, hello, Harry. What are you doing there?


Luna and Harry walk to Hogwarts Gate:
Luna: What were you doing down on the floor?
Harry: I was trying to find out what Malfoyís up to. Iím sure heís a Death Eater. I was wearing my Invisibility Cloak but he mustíve seen me when I climbed onto the luggage rack.

Maybe he saw your Wrackspurts?


Harry: My... what?
Luna:  Wrackspurts. Was he wearing Spectrespecs? You can see Wrackspurts through them... Thatís how I found you. Your brainís full of them.
Harry: Right... Letís go to the Castle. Weíre probably already in trouble for being late...
Luna: Okay. Although Iím worried about tripping over things in the dark. Maybe we should use Lumos.

Harry and Luna now make their way through the Gate


You will see many lit lanterns that are shiny and some other shiny objects too. Use RAS (Right Analog Stick) to extract the Mini-Crests. Press forward and move from left to right until the Mini-Crests are released. Then walk through the fallen Mini-Crests to collect them.

Instructions for extracting Mini-Crests from shiny objects


Take some Mini-Crests from the shiny objects. Collect enough Mini-Crests to collect Hogwarts Crests.

Mini-Crests hidden in glowing objects


You will meet three Hogwarts Crests on the lower road. Just pass through to collect them.

Hogwarts Crests


On your way youíll pass Hagridís Hut. There are some Mini-Crests to take from shiny objects. By then you will have gathered enough Mini-Crest to exchange for your 4th Hogwarts Crest.

Enough Mini-Crests provide you the 4th Hogwarts Crest


You need another spell to free this Hogwarts Crest from the shrub.

Return later with your new Spell


It is nearly impossible to get this enlisted Hogwarts Crest on the Hagridís rooftop hitting objects you lift with Wingardium Leviosa. You canít get them high enough to hit the Crest to have it fallen out.

You can hardly get this Crest out of its frame


On the left side of the Hut youíll find Hogwarts Crest #5.

Your 5ht Hogwarts Crest


Walk up the stairs and get some more Mini-Crests. Follow the hill up to the Castle.
A cut scene will now lead you through Hogwarts to the Hall where Albus Dumbledore is keeping a speech.

To the speech Hall of Dumbledore


As you know, each day dark forces are attempting to penetrate this Castle. For this reason I have agreed that the Duelling Club will restart this year.
When Dumbledore lifts his right hand something seems wrong.

Whatís happened to Dumbledoreís hand?

Albus Dumbledore is now presenting two Professors with new assignments:
Now, please join me in welcoming Horace Slughorn Ė who will resume his old position of Potions Master. Meanwhile, the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher will be assumed by Professor Snape.

Professor Slughorn

Professor Snape


Harry: No! How can Dumbledore let him after all heís done?


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