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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 19

[19.1] Go to the bird cage.

Investigate what Draco is up to in the seventh floor corridor


Harry takes the note from the cage and sees Ron walking in the corridor:
Hey, Ron! Have you seen Malfoy?



Harry: Just now. He’s always hanging around on this corridor. And I just found this. It looks like instructions for a Potion.
Ron: It’s probably homework.
Harry: And when has Malfoy put effort into homework?
Ron: Don’t even know it’s his.
Harry: I’m going to ask Hermione what this Potion is. I bet that will give us a clue to what Malfoy is up to.
Ron: You’re in luck. She’s swatting in Potions now. Careful, she’s still in a right mood.
Harry: So, you won’t come with me then?
Ron: I’d rather face that troll we saw in our first year. See you later.

Find Hermione in the Potions classroom


Before going there find all Mini-Crests and Hogwarts Crests. A Crest is found by hitting the banner. Turn around and hit the second banner, next the third and take your Crest.

First banner

Second banner

Third banner

The Crest drops to the floor

Take the Crest


Hit a framed Crest with a bench and collect it.

Get the framed Crest


Leave to the Great Hall and summon Nick so you can follow him to the Potions Class Shortcut. As always, take all the Mini-Crests you can find before entering.

Leave the 7th floor

Libraries Liberate.


The painting answers: Study hard and succeed, dear boy!
Then the door opens. Don’t enter the classroom yet but turn right and find a Crest behind a grilled door.

Turn right

A Crest behind a grilled door


Break the Crest into pieces with Wingardium Leviosa and get the fragments out. Heal the Crest with Reparo and collect it.

Break the Crest into pieces

Take the pieces out and cast Reparo

Collect the Crest


Ascend the spiral staircase to the Entrance Hall and hit the framed Crest above the door with a bench.

Get the framed Crest above the Entrance door


Descend the spiral staircase to where Nick is waiting and follow him to Potions.

Enter the Potions Club


Meet Hermione:
Hello, Hermione. Do you recognize this Potion?
Hermione: I’m surprised you don’t recognize it, seeing as you’re top in Potions. It’s obvious what this is.
Harry: So? What is it?

Why ask me? You should ask the Half-Blood Prince.


Harry: All right, I will. Well, I can make the Potion and find out anyway.

Then you’ll see the Cauldron: Mystery Potion. Harry says:

Shredded Boomslang skin...


Take one Boomslang skin, dry until... dry, then shred.
[NOTE: “Boomslang” is Afrikaans/Dutch meaning “Tree Snake”]

Here you get an Autosave. You may exit the Game for a break and see your score:

Your current score

Level 20: