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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 23


[23.1] Down the stairs Lavender Brown is in panic and is shouting to her books that are flying around...

Stop it! Stop flying around! Come back down here!


Ron (to Harry): Harry. You’ve got to get rid of her, Harry.
Harry: I thought you were going out with her?
Ron: Yeah, I am, but... Please, just tell her I flew into a wall in Quidditch or something.

Talk to Lavender


Harry: What’s the matter?
Lavender: Someone’s done something to my books. And the stupid things won’t stop flying around. Come down!
Harry: Right, have you tried anything other than shouting at them? Like Wingardium Leviosa?
Lavender: No, I wish Won-Won was here. He’d do something. Have you seen him?
Harry grasps she means Ron: No! Here, if I... cast Wingardium Leviosa on your bag, I can try and catch the books in it.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on Lavender’s bag


When the bag is hovering lead it to the different books and when you touch one it will get into the bag. You may have to take different positions though to catch all of them.

Catch the books from different positions


Lavender: Thank you. Are you sure you’ve not seen Ron?
Harry: Er, yeah, I have. He was... in the Divination Tower.
Lavender: Why would he go there? He doesn’t do Divination anymore.
Harry: He said he wanted to ask something important... about his future.
Lavender: It must be about us... That’s why I like my Won-Won so much. He’s always thinking about “us”.
She’s leaving through the Entrance door and Ron meets Harry again (he has been hiding upstairs from Lavender).

Are you ready for Potions, Won-Won?

Follow Won-Won to Potions


Descend the spiral staircase until you reach Potions. Ron enters. Follow him inside.

Enter Potions


You’ll meet Slughorn and Hermione there. Slughorn:

Quickly now, quickly!


We have lots of work to get through, starting with Antidotes. Now. What about this poison here? Any suggestions? Miss Granger, of course.
Hermione: It requires a very complex Antidote, but I think you should start with a drop of Castor Oil.
Harry: Er, yeah. You could do that... Or you could just shove Bezoar down the victim’s throat.
Slughorn: Yes, yes, a Bezoar would certainly do the trick. Excellent, m’boy, excellent! A good Potion-Maker always knows how to counteract the Potions they are making. Which brings us to the task at hand: brewing an Elixir to Induce Euphoria.
Harry: Can induce excessive singing and nose-tweaking if you don’t put enough Peppermint in.

Start brewing the Potion


Follow the steps as indicated one by one until you get the Elixir finished. By now you sure must know what to do: pouring (sometimes shaking first), heating up and stirring.

The Elixir to Induce Euphoria


Harry starts talking about Tom Riddle;

Sir, you knew Tom Riddle, didn’t you?


Slughorn: Mr. Riddle had many teachers whilst here at Hogwarts.
Harry: I know, Sir. You must get fed up of questions about Voldemort. And Horcruxes...
Slughorn gets pretty upset now: I’d ask you not to talk about this subject...
Harry: But, Sir...

Dumbledore put you up to this. Didn’t? Didn’t he?!


Harry: I just want to know about Tom Riddle

Level 24: