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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 26

[26.1] You play as Harry again.

Harry and Ginny – back in ceremonial outfit now – hear a voice from behind the Entrance door to the Hospital Wing. That door is closed for now.

Er-my-nee?! What was she doing here anyway, Won-Won? I’m your girlfriend


Apparently that was Lavender and she obviously meant “Hermione”.
Ron (recovering in Hospital from his deadly Potion): Yeah... erm... Have you seen Hermione?
Ginny (to Harry): Ooops. Pity you can’t make a Potion to help Ron with Lavender Brown. It was lucky you thought of that Bezoar last night, Harry.
Harry: It was luck there was one in the room! Come on, it’s time for the Match against Hufflepuff. I’ll see you at the Quidditch Pitch.

Get to the Quidditch Pitch, ready for the Match against Hufflepuff


Follow the corridor to the Clock Tower and walk up the stairs. At the end the upper corridor you’ll see a statue by the foot of a double staircase. Go up and enter the Great Hall of moving Staircases.

To the Great Hall


Get all the Mini-Crests before passing through the Quidditch Gate Shortcut.

Pass through the Shortcut


Down the spiral staircase you go straight to the Quidditch Antechamber but you have time for an interesting side trip. Go right to the stairs leading to the Field and follow the way Nick indicated you last time to the Astronomy Tower. Inside, don’t turn left to the statue but go straightforward  and follow right to the door leading to the Suspended Bridge. Cross the bridge and enter a Hall you have not been before to. On ground level there is a Crest behind a grilled door. Get it out in the usual way by breaking it into pieces and taking them out. Repair the pieces and collect your Crest.

Get the Crest from behind the bars and collect it


Go upstairs and follow a curved passage ending at a double staircase. Go up and enter the door leading to the Great Hall.

Back to the moving staircases


Return to the Quidditch Gate Shortcut after another round for Mini-Crests and this time go to the Quidditch Pitch where you will meet McGallen.

[26.2] McGallen is “welcoming” Harry.

I hear Weasley is in the Hospital Wing.

Yes, he’s –

Then you’ll need a new Keeper...


And I was best in the trials, I’ll see you in the air.
McGallen leaves for the Arena.
Harry (upset): Ron was best at the trials!... But we’re stuck with you.

Quidditch Match: Gryffindor Vs. Hufflepuff

Warm-up before the match


First you’ll have to get used to a faster Match. Follow the Snitch through the stars until you catch it.

Harry caught the Snitch!


You’ve just earned the Broom Battler Badge.

Broom Battler Badge


And now for the real Match:

Get ready for the Match to start!


The Captains greet each other: a promise of honor and fair play.

A polite greeting first


This is a fairly bumpy flight with an extremely whimsical Snitch. The more stars you fly through the faster you’ll catch the Snitch.

Follow the Snitch through the stars


There is a lot of commentary through the speakers:

They’re both doing really well...

And Harry wins the Match for Gryffindor!


Harry, McLaggen and Ginny meet in the room.
Harry: That was brilliant! Well done everyone!

Told you I should be in goal.


Harry: Ron’ll be back from Hospital soon. Then he’ll be back in goal. Yeah. Sorry, McLaggen.

Well played everyone!


The Level ends with some nice views of an evening over Hogwarts.

Evening over Hogwarts

Level 27: