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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 24

[24.1] Go outside and meet Ron again.

Go and meet Ron outside


First take all the Mini-Crests in the Potions Club before leaving.
Ron: You couldíve given me a Bezoar. I need a good mark in Potions.
Harry: I had to soften Slughorn up so I could ask about Voldemort!
Ron: Yeah? Well, Iím going to get something to eat.

Ron is leaving and a  Slytherin guy is arriving.

McGonagall wants to see you in the Astronomy Tower.


Harry: So why would they send someone from Slee-the-reen?
Guy: Iím not your personal messenger! Go and ask her yourself!
Harry: But the Aurors shut the Astronomy Tower.
Guy: Then they obviously have reopened it, havenít they?

A new Area is unlocked:

I solemnly swear Iím up to no good.

Go and see Professor McGonagall in the Astronomy Tower


You can take the Grand Staircase Shortcut but Iíd suggest you take the route along the Grotto and collect more Mini-Crests.

Go past the Grotto


On the other side ascend the spiral staircase leading straight to the 7th floor. There was a Crest near the Entrance to the 7th floor in a niche of the staircase that we could not get. This time the bench near the Entrance is back, so try hitting the statue with the Crest in the niche again.



Enter the 7th floor, take all the Mini-crests and leave through the other door. Youíll be in the Grand staircase Hall. Explore for Mini-Crests and Summon Nearly Nick to lead you to the Astronomy Tower.

Harry: Have the Aurors reopened the Astronomy Tower?
Nick: I believe they have, yes.

Nick will lead you to the Quidditch Gate Shortcut. Say the password and follow Nick down the spiral staircase.

Pass through the Quidditch Gate Shortcut


Nick will lead you to the lower part of the staircase where an exit gives access to the stairs going up to the Training Grounds.

Up to the Training Grounds


Take all Mini-Crests and follow Nick to a side Entrance.

The side Entrance is past the Lion statue you spoke with before


Once inside, you can hit a framed Crest with a bench and collect it.

Hit the framed Crest with the bench and collect it


Run after Nick through the corridor until you meet a strange statue at the foot of a spiral staircase.

The statue at the foot of a spiral staircase


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the statue and it will shed a Crest.

Get the Crest from the statue


Follow Nick up the spiral staircase and then down another spiral staircase. Youíll enter another corridor. Once inside, turn around and notice a framed Crest above the open Entrance. Use a bench to hit it and knock it out.

Claim your next framed Crest


Cross the corridor to another spiral staircase. This will give access to the top room of the Astronomy Tower.

The spiral staircase leading to the top room


But instead of McGonagall youíll meet Crabbe and Goyle. This was a trap set up by Draco Malfoy. Thatís why a Slytherin guy was sent to Harry. He had to be lured into the Tower!

What do you want, Potter?

Um, a moron-free view? Oh, too late.


Crabbe: Youíre the moron whoís turned up to see someone whoís not even here.
Harry: Malfoy sent that message!
Crabbe: Yeah. Get him!
Goyle: You get him!

Defeat Crabbe. When heís on his head with Levicorpus keep casting Stupefy.

Defeat Crabbe


Goyle: Let me try! Come on then, Potter.

When Goyle is also defeated they both run through the Entrance.
Harry: Where is Malfoy?
Goyle: Somewhere you wonít find him.
They close the door and lock Harry up: Youíre not supposed to tell him that, stupid.
Doesnít matter. He wonít get out of there, will he!?

They both run off from the stairs leaving Harry alone. The camera moves to a slot behind the grilled door.

A hint for Harry: find a way to re-open the Gate


Before attempting the escape you can get two Crests in this room. Go to the opposite grilled door and break the Crest behind it into pieces. Get the pieces out and join them with Reparo. Then collect the Crest.

Get out the Crest


Pick up a chair and WL it to the framed Crest left of the Gate. Hit the Crest and claim it.

Use a chair to hit the Crest


When you also have taken all Mini-Crests have a look at the key lying on the floor.

Would this be the key that fits into the slot?


Break the key and WL the parts through the grilled door. Cast Reparo to heal the key and WL again to lead the key into the slot. The Gate will open and Harry will run out.

Open the door and run outside


Next you see Draco Malfoy putting a tiny bird into the Vanishing Cabinet. You hear a conversation with Harry in the background.

So Crabbe and Goyle attacked you...


Whatís strange about that?
Harry: Malfoy wasnít with them! Sometimes heís not even visible on the Marauderís Map. Look!
You must be missing him. I mean he canít just disappear... can he?

Meantime the Cabinet is shaking. Draco opens the doors and all you see is some feathers...

The twisted pervert seems to enjoy this


In the bedroom of the Gryffindor Common Quarters Ron is strangely dressed and looking at the moon through a window. Harry is with him:
Maybe Hermioneís right, maybe I should forget about Malfoy and concentrate on Slughorn, but how am I supposed to get his memory? I donít even know what a Horcrux is... Ron.

But Ron seems in another universe


Beautiful isnít it? The moon.
Harry: Er, yeah.
Ron: I canít stop thinking of her, Harry... I love her. But do you think she even knows I exist?
Harry: Well, sheís been snogging you for months...
Ron: Snogging? Iíve never snogged Romilda.
Harry: Romilda? Ron, did you eat these chocolates? Theyíre from Romilda Vane. Theyíre full of Love Potion!

Romilda. Do you know her, Harry? Can you introduce me?


Harry: Yeah... sheís, er... Sheís in Slughornís office. Yes, sheís definitely there. Follow me.
Hermione joins Ron and Harry: Hi, Ron. Have you done your Potions homework?
Ron: Hermione, youíre a girl...

Iím surprised you noticed, Ronald.


Ron: Do you think Romilda would like flowers, or chocolates?
Harry: Donít mind him, he ate some Love Potion. Iím taking him to Slughornís Office.
Ron: To see Romilda... ahhhh Romilda.

From this Autosave on play as Ron.

Play as Ron


When you exit the Game youíll see Ron instead of Harry watching the Menu:

The Menu with Ron


Watch your Score:

Your Crests and Mini-Crests

Level 25: