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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 21

[21.1] Harry and Hermione meet in the Gryffindor Common Quarters.

Dumbledore wants you to go to his office for another lesson...


Harry... When you see Dumbledore donít say anything about Malfoy.
Harry: Heís up to something! Heís sneaking around and heís even ditched Crabble and Goyle!
Hermione: Yes, I admit that heís out of character, but you donít have evidence that heís doing anything.
Harry: If heís not, then why is he sneaking round the seventh floor and... ? The seventh floor Ė thatís it! Heís using the Room of Requirement! Thatís why he keeps disappearing off the Marauderís Map!
Hermione: Well, if he is using the Room you wonít be able to see what heís doing there. Thatís why we used it for D.A. meetings. Heís waiting for you in his office.

Meet Dumbledore in his office


Go out to the Entrance Hall Courtyard (if you donít remember how to get there summon Nearly Headless Nick). The entrance to Dumbledoreís office is by the statue in the corner. Youíll meet a girl there:

Hi, HarryÖ


Are you here to see Professor Dumbledore? I am too.
Harry: Are you all right? Come on, whatís the matter?
Girl: Itís silly... A Slytherin stole my Gobstone Itís a Noisy Hitter my mum got me for Christmas.
She points to a guy standing in the Courtyard:



Harry: Wait here... Iíll get your Gobstone back.

Ask the Slytherin guy to return the stolen Gobstone


Harry: Hey, did you take a Noisy Hitter from the girl over there?

Whatís it got to do with you?


The Slytherin guy continues:
What are you going to do, jinx me? Iím sure Professor Snape would love to know youíve been jinxing Slytherins... he might even give you detention. Stupefy.

You have to duel with this guy. Heís pretty tough though. He may turn you upside down:

Move LAS quickly from left to right to break free!

Cast your Spells to defeat the thief


Harry: There! Now hand over that Noisy Hitter!
Thief: I hope it gobs all over you!
Harry: And next time think twice before you bully someone!

Give the Noisy Hitter back to the girl by Dumbledoreís office


Girl: Thanks, Harry, youíre the best!

The girl leaves and Harry must speak the password:

Acid Pops

The Phoenix statue withdraws


Harry meets Dumbledore in his office:

Professor, about Malfoy and... Snape.


Dumbledore: Professor Snape. Iíve told you, Harry, I trust Severus. My answer has not changed. Now... to the business at hand. I have not been able to find many memories of Tom Riddle at Hogwarts. I did, however, find this one...

A cinematic starts where Professor Dumbledore tells his story:

You see a Professor (a younger Slughorn?) talking to some students in the past:
Good gracious, look at the time. Off you go, boys. Lestrange Avery, donít forget your essays. Look sharp there, Tom.

No, Tom...


I donít know anything about Horcruxes and I wouldnít tell you if I did. Now get out of here!

The cinematic ends. Harry: I donít understand Ė what happened?
Dumbledore: Professor Slughorn has tampered with his memory. Harry, I asked you to get to know Professor Slughorn. Now I want you to persuade him to indulge his true memory. Any way you can. That memory is everything Ö But, I believe you have Quidditch practice. Youíll find your way there more easily now the Aurors have opened more of the Castle. Good day, Harry.

[21.2] I solemnly swear Iím up to no good.

A new Area has been unlocked


Leave Dumbledoreís office and meet Hermione at the gallery outside the Courtyard.

Hello, Harry! Professor McGonagallís looking for you.


Harry: Do you know what she wants?
Hermione: No, but sheís waiting for you in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Sounded important.

Follow Hermione to the Transfiguration Courtyard


When doing so retrieve all Mini-Crests from glowing objects on your way. Also take a side trip: from the staircase to the Boathouse and up the dirt road. On your left youíll see a firecracker box. Cast Incendio and get a Crest.

Cast Incendio

Collect a Crest


Join Hermione again at the Courtyard and follow her past the bridge to Hogwarts Entrance. On the way she will tell you that she didnít find anything on the Half-Blood Prince:

Thereís nothing to say who this person is.


Inside the Entrance Hall get some more Mini-crest and earn a Hogwarts Crest.

A Hogwarts Crest earned from Mini-Crests


Follow Hermione to the stairs and enter the second floor.

Follow Hermione through the door on the second floor


Hit the first banner and turn around. Hit the second and the third banner and get a Crest.

Hit the banner

Turn around and hit the lowered second banner

Go on and hit the third lowered banner with the Crest

The Crest drops to the floor

Collect the Crest


On your left thereís a Crest behind a spider web.

A Crest behind a spider web

Cast Incendio on the web

Cast Wingardium Leviosa to extract the Crest

Collect the Crest


Hit the framed Crest above the door with a bench. Collect it when it drops down.

Hit the framed Crest above the door with a bench and collect it


Follow Hermione through the next corridor. At the end there is a framed Crest hanging above the door in the left corridor. Find a bench and WG it to the Crest.

Get the framed Crest out with a bench


Enter the Transfiguration Courtyard and meet Professor McGonagall.

Ah, there you are.


I wanted to talk to you after the unfortunate events at the Burrow over Christmas. Why is it always you? Hm? When something happens?
Harry: Believe me Professor. Iíve been asking myself that for years.
McGonagall: I heard youíve joined the Duelling Club, Harry. I think you should follow this example Ė and the Weasleys too. You canít be too prepared. Donít limit yourself to your friends in Gryffindor, mind... Ah, hereís the person weíre waiting for. Alannis here is Captain of the Ravenclaw Duelling Club. You come along with me miss Granger, and weíll sign you up with Gryffindor Duelling Club.

Meet Alannis of Ravenclaw


At this Autosave you can exit the Game and see your current score:

Your Crest score

Level 22: