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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 30

Part 1


[30.1]  Harry is drinking from the Potion.

A nice Cup of Potion


You have to meet Dumbledore at the Astronomy Tower and hand him over the Wiggenweld Potion.

You have more health in Duelling now!


Make it a priority to complete your Mini-Crests and get the four remaining Crests before visiting Dumbledore at the Astronomy Tower. Do this by randomly exploring all possible locations in and around Hogwarts that are accessible and taking Mini-Crests from all glowing objects on your way.

Your last four Crests from Mini-Crests


Now you have all 25/25 Crests obtained from collecting Mini-Crest. You donít have to worry anymore about glowing objects from now on.

Descend the dirt road to the Boathouse again and find a framed Crest covered by a vine on your left. Burn the vine and lift the boulder on your left to knock out the Crest.

Burn the vine and take the Crest with the boulder


Now It's time to pay a visit to all the Lions youíve met that remained mute so far. With this amount of collected Crests they all will talk now.
First go to the Pendulum. Hand over the Volubilis Potion to the guy and the Lion will now release the Crest.
Harry: Hello, hereís that Volubilis Potion you wanted.

Great. Thanks, Harry!

Collect the Crest


Go to the Library and talk to the Lion in there.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Talk with the girl.

Press green to talk

Can you help me make a Girding Potion, Please?...


Iíve tried making it loads of times and itís just not working.
Harry: Yeah all right. I can make it at Potions Club.

Take the exit down to Herbology and go to the Potions Club Noticeboard in one of the Greenhouses. Select Girding Potion.

Select Girding Potion on the Noticeboard


Start brewing the Potion.

Girding Potion can be a bit Ė smelly


When the Potion is finished read your Scores:

Your Scores


Return to the girl in the Library:
Hello again. I made you the Girding Potion you wanted.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thatís brilliant!


The Lion has released the Crest, so all you have to do is walk to it and collect.

Collect the Crest


Now go down again and talk to the Lion near the Entrance to Herbology.

Someone needs a Potion to be made...


I shall give a Reward if you will help them.

Hiya, Harry!...


Any chance you can help me make an Antidote to Common Poisons?
Harry: Sure I can make it at Potions Club.

The door to the Herbology Potions Club is just behind your back


Go to the Noticeboard and select:

Antidote to Common Poisons


Brew the Potion.

Ah, always useful to have around...


Particularly if you know youíll be mixing some poisonous ingredients.

When the Potion is finished, read your Scores:

Your Scores


Return to the guy and give him his Antidote.

Hi, hereís that Antidote.


Guy: Aw, brilliant. Louise is going to be pleased. Bet sheíll go on a date with me now!
The Lion has released the Crest for collecting now.

Collect the Crest


Go down to the Hogwarts Entrance Courtyard and on your way down pay a visit to the 5th floor. You can hit three banners in a row and collect a Crest.

A Crest from the banner


Down at the Courtyard talk to the Lion in a corner.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Go talk with the two fighting girls. Black girl:

You canít have it.


Blond girl: I said, I want it, and that means that I will have it. Give it here and I wonít make you cry... much.
(turning to Harry): Buzz off, Potter. This is none of your business!

Youíll have to Duel with the blond girl and teach her a lesson.

Defeat the blond girl


Black girl: I donít know what her problem was.

The Lion has released the Crest for collecting now.

Collect the Crest


Go the Astronomy Tower and meet a Lion in a corner on your way up.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Go talk to the girl who is standing nearby.

Hello, Harry!


Harry: Hello there.
Girl: Do you know how to make a Draught of Piece? Iíve heard youíre good at Potions and the Draughtís really hard, isnít it?
Harry: Er, yeah, Iíll try and make it at Potions Club.

Make a Draught of Piece


Go the Greenhouse at Herbology and select Draught of Piece form the Noticeboard.

Draught of Piece


Start brewing the Potion.

The Draught of Piece...


I wish it was peaceful to make. I always end up setting fire to things when I make it.

When the Potion is finished read your Scores:

Your Scores


Youíve earned the Potions Club Star Badge.

Potions Club Star Badge


Return to the girl in the Astronomy Tower with the Potion.
Hereís that Draught of Piece you wanted.

Youíre great, Harry. The best.


The Lion has released the Crest for collecting now.

Collect the Crest


Now go up to the top room of the Tower. You will see a new opening on your left that leads to the Observatory Room. Climb up the spiral staircase.

The spiral staircase to the Observatory Room


[NOTE: there is no Autosave between both Parts. However, you may take a break here and check on your collected Crest. If you restart the Game you will be at the beginning of this Level with all the goodies youíve earned in Part 1 and may go straight to the Observatory Room]

These are the Scores of your Crests and Mini-Crests:

Your amount of Crests and Mini-Crests


You have all 25 Crests from Mini-Crests and still need 7 Crests to find.

Part 2: