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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 7


[7.1] Harry must have a meeting with Dumbledore for his first private lesson.

Go to Dumbledore’s Office for your first private lesson


Ascend the stairs and reach the top of the Great Hall where you have a second opportunity to get the Hogwarts Crest out of the frame. Use the pot in the corner, cast Wingardium Leviosa and bring it close to the frame. Cast Wingardium Leviosa for a second time. Now you will hit the frame and the Crest will drop down.

You’ve got the 19th Crest


Now follow all the moving stairs. The staircase corners and the Lanterns are all shiny again, meaning you can get more Mini-Crests. Take your time to get on all the moving staircases and collect as many Mini-Crests as you can get.

Take Mini-Crests from Lanterns like this one


When you meet this Portrait Harry will say:

I really must pay Violet a visit.


Click on green and the door to the Gryffindor Common Quarters will open.
Enter Gryffindor and cast Wingardium Leviosa on a chair. Hit and collect the 20th Crest.

Your 20th Hogwarts Crest


Go up the stairs and cast Wingardium Leviosa on a chair from the second floor. Knock the Crest out of its frame by steering the chair to the frame. Then go down again. Take Crest #21.

Lure the chair to the frame

Go down and claim the Crest

You have just unlocked Dungbombs in prank boxes around Hogwarts


Enter the Dormitory and claim Crest # 22.

Hogwarts Crest # 22 in the Boy’s Dormitory


Return to the Great Hall and get your 23rd Crest.

Crest # 23 found


Go to the Antechamber and get the Mini-Crests from both statues and the flying bird. Summon Nearly Headless Nick:

If I were you, I’d run to the Entrance Hall Courtyard. Just talk to the Gargoyle – he’ll let you in to see Dumbledore.


Follow Nick to the Courtyard, hit the bird and get your 24th Crest.

Hogwarts Crest #24 obtained by Mini-Crests


Nick guides Harry to the Gargoyle we saw before and Harry says:

Er, Acid Pops.


That opens the way to Dumbledore’s Quarters.

Good evening, Harry. You got my message, I see.


What you see before are memories. In this case, pertaining to one individual: Voldemort. This contains the memory of the day I first met him. I believe you’re familiar with my Pensive...This time you enter the Pensive with me... and even more unusually, with permission. And we shall see Tom Riddle as he was before he became Lord Voldemort.
Albus Dumbledore now explains how he met Tom Riddle for the first time, before he turned into Voldemort:

I had gone to offer him his place at Hogwarts

How do you do, Tom?


You can do things, don’t you, Tom? Things the other children can’t.
You can do Magic

Tom as a child before turning into Lord Voldemort


Dumbledore: Is there anything in that box you ought not to have?

He stole from the other children


Dumbledore speaking to Harry again:
We can learn much about Lord Voldemort from his past. A past that brought him to Hogwarts and a teacher he grew close too.
Harry: Slughorn?
Dumbledore: Yes, Harry Professor Slughorn likes the company of the famous, the successful and the powerful. He collects them.
Harry: And you’d let him collect me?
Dumbledore: Yes, Harry. Getting close to Professor Slughorn will be useful. Now, that is all for tonight. I shall tell you more soon...

Level 8: