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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 18

[18.1] Ron is getting worried about Draco Malfoy:

  Heís up to something. I just donít know what it is.


Suddenly Hermione is joining the guys:

Hi, Harry, Ron.


Harry, I think Professor Slughorn is having another Party for invited guests.
Ron: Slug Club? Maybe Slughorn can make you and McLaggen King and Queen Slug! See you, Harry.
Ron leaves the scene.
Harry: Hermione, have you seen Malfoy doing anything suspicious?
Hermione: Oh, really, Harry. Are you still worried about Draco?
Harry: Ron told me his Dad found out Malfoy was looking at a Vanishing Cabinet in Borgin and Burkes.
Hermione: But thereís no way he could sneak a Vanishing Cabinet into the Castle. The Aurors are searching everyone who comes in. Theyíre even checking the Owl Post.
Harry: Then you tell me how he disappears off the Marauderís Map. Iíll show you. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
[NOTE: This must be Harryís sentence to open the Marauderís Map]

Malfoy has disappeared from the Map


Harry: Heís there, in the seventh floor corridor.
Hermione: So heís not disappeared then, has he?
Harry: But sometimes he does vanish completely. Iím going to find out what heís up to.

Iím going to the seventh floor.


The painting at the Grand Staircase shortcut says:
Whatís that I hear? Sounds like a scoop to me! Hot news goes cold fast. Youíd better use my shortcut! Just say ďHappy HeadlinesĒ.
So thatís another shortcut password youíve earned.
Hermione: Do you really think youíll find anything, Harry?
Harry: Yes, Iíll prove heís up to something.

Investigate what Draco is up to in the seventh floor corridor


Before going through the Grand Staircase Shortcut, examine the entire Library for Mini-Crests and Hogwarts Crests.
There is a way out of the Library past the Grand Staircase Shortcut going to a spiral staircase that is leading to a locked door. There is also a staircase going down to a passage leading to Herbology.

Heal these fragments of a Crest with Reparo


In a corner youíll find your next Crest for grabbing.

Your next Crest in a corner


Use the bench to hit a framed Crest.

Knock out the framed Crest with the bench


On your way down the stairs hit a framed Crest with an Explosive Cauldron you can take out of a Box.

Get the framed Crest with an Explosive Cauldron


Find another Crest lying in a corner.

This Crest is lying in a corner


Continue to the Herbology entrance door. A banner is hanging somewhat in front of it. When you approach the banner a message will say:

Run up to a banner and press green to hit it


When you hit the banner a second banner behind you will lower for just a few seconds. Hit that one too and a third banner will lower a bit further. Hit the third banner and get a Crest.

A Crest from the third banner


The Cauldron left of the Herbology door contains another Crest.

Get a Crest from the Cauldron


A Crest is then obtained from collecting Mini-Crests.

This Crest is earned by collecting Mini-Crests


The Crest behind a grilled door looks familiar. Knock it into pieces and get them out with Wingardium Leviosa. Then cast Reparo and take the Crest.

The Crest behind the grilled door


There are two Lion statues each holding a Crest. You canít knock the Crest out with an object, neither can you interact with the Lions. I guess you have to earn another Reward first.

Lion statues with a Crest


Go inside the Charms Class.

The door to Charms


In a corner on the left side of the class youíll find a free Crest. Get it within access with Wingardium Leviosa.

Get this Crest out of the corner


On the other side of the classroom you can hit a framed Crest with a bench.

Get the framed Crest out with a bench


In fact you can stay forever in the Library and collecting Mini-Crests. Every time you go into the side ways, all glowing objects in the Library and the stairs will glow again, also the birds will glow again. I would suggest to collect as many Mini-Crests as good as for 3 Hogwarts Crests, otherwise you will get bored.

Three extra Crests you get from Mini-Crests


Get a Reward: You have more Health in duelling now!

Now pass through the Grand Staircase Shortcut. You may summon Nearly Headless Nick who will lead you to the 7th floor.

Take the Shortcut to the Great Hall


Meanwhile explore the whole Hall for Mini-Crests. Enter the 7th floor.

Weíve arrived!


Go to the bird cage.

An Autosave is made here. When exiting the Game you will read your score:

The score of your Crests and Mini-Crests

Level 19: