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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 3



[3.1] A Map is shown that starts burning.
(like in the 60ís TV Series Bonanza).
It says a new area is unlocked. Harry is at Hogwarts now.

A new Area unlocked and the Map starts burning


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Mischief managed


Harry and Ron meet at Gryffindorís Common Quarters in Hogwarts Castle.
Harry: Well, thereís one good thing: the Defence against the Dark Arts jobís jinxed. Snapeíll be gone by the end of the year and, personally, Iím keeping my fingers crossed for another death...

Professor McGonagall now joins our friends:

I would have thought you would be at Potions, Mr. Potter. Or is it no longer your ambition to become an Auror?


Harry: I was told I had an Outstanding in my O.W.L.
McGonagall: And so you did when Professor Snape was teaching the subject, but Professor Slughorn is perfectly happy to accept Students with ďExceeds ExpectationsĒ, at O.W.L. however.
Harry: Brilliant! Iíll head there straight away.
McGonagall leaves now and Ron says:
But I don't want to do Potions. Iím dead awful at Potions.
Harry: I donít know how to get there with half the Castle locked by the Aurors.
Ron: Iíd ask Nearly Headless Nick. He can still get around, so he knows all the shortcuts.

Whenever you need help, press / (the Symbol for BACK) to summon Nearly Headless Nick


Press / (the Symbol of BACK on the Pad) to summon Nearly Headless Nick.

Nearly Headless Nick is appearing


Nick: And how are we this new term? All fired up and ready to win the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor again, I hope?
Harry: Yeah, but right now I need to get to Potions. Do you know a way around the security arrangements?
Nick: But of course. Just follow me. Itíll be a pleasure to help out.

Follow Nick to the Potions Club through the Great Hall


Ron: At least Potions isnít with Snape this year. I Wonder what Slughornís like... ?

Follow Nick and donít make side trips to get Mini-Crests or Hogwarts Crests. There are plenty of them on the side ways and you may always return to the Gryffindor Common Quarters, the Great Hall, the Courtyard or the Boat House with the two walkways leading down to the lake.
If you meet shiny objects on the way following Nick you may extract the Mini-Crests and if you meet Crests you can catch them too. They are located on shiny staircase corners and shiny lamps. Youíll get Crest #6 on the way down.

Hogwarts Crest #6

Extracting Mini-Crests from shiny staircase corners


Follow Nick down along the moving stairs. When you enter the antechamber you can also catch a flying bird for Mini-Crests. Also get them out of the statues. Enter the Courtyard.

Entering the Courtyard


When you go outside to the Courtyard catch another bird flying around and earn Hogwarts Crest #7.

Your 7th Hogwarts Crest


Then you will pass a gallery with lamps leading to Hogwarts Entrance. Extract Mini-Crests from glowing lamps. A window will tell you to hold LT to run faster:

Hold LT to run faster


When you enter Hogwarts Hall pick up Crest #8 near the boar statue on the right side of the Monumental Staircase.

Enter Hogwarts Hall

Pick up Crest #8

The 8th Hogwarts Crests grants you more health in dueling


A message will tell you how to get framed Hogwarts Crests out of their frame by lifting an object with Wingardium Leviosa and hit the frame. Go up the stairs and lift a pot to hit the frame. Go down to pick up Crest #9.

How to get the 9th Crest out of its frame above the door


Go down and pick up Crest #9.

Hogwarts Crest #9 can be taken when walking through the door


Now youíre going down a spiral staircase.

Follow Nick down the spiral staircase


Nick has guided you to the corridor where the Potions Club is.

Here we are, Harry


Nick goes on: We Gryffindors must stick together. Any time youíre stuck and need directions, advice, information, just call out and Iíll help if I can.

Nick makes a polite bow and leaves.

Nearly Headless Nick is a true Gentleman. Always rely on him

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