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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 28

[28.1] Harry, Ron and Hermione meet at the dormitory of Gryffindorís Common Quarters.

Ron: So, did you and Ginny do it?
Harry: What?
Ron: Hide the book.
Oh. Yeah. Somewhere in the Room of Requirement... Even I donít know where it is. Well, I think itís a good thing...

I mean using an untested Spell on someone Ė


Hermione: I know. At least you can concentrate on your proper mission for Dumbledore. You havenít had much luck so far, have you?
Harry: No. But maybe luck is what it will take... Itís time I got lucky.

Harry drinks a Potion


Hermione: Well? How do you feel?
Harry: Great! In fact... I think Iíll take a walk to the Herbology Greenhouses.
Hermione: You need to find Slughorn, Harry.
Harry: Trust me. I know what Iím doing. Or at least Felix does.

You will then see Harry running all the way to Herbology. Sit back and relax until Harry meets Crabbe and Goyle on one of the bridges along the way.
Goyle: You think youíre so clever... attacking Draco like that!
Harry: He was going to use Cruciatus on me!

Now weíre going to use Stupefy on you!


Harry: You really donít want to fight me tonight.

First defeat Crabbe and earn the Reflex Badge.

Duel with Crabbe and defeat him

Reflex Badge


Crabbe (to Goyle): Heís done something! I canít defeat him!

Iíll get him!


Duel with Goyle and defeat him as well.

Defeat Goyle


They both leave: You wonít be so lucky next time, Poíe!
Harry: I donít need luck to beat you!

Now you will see Harry continue all the way to the Greenhouse and meet Prof. Slughorn.

Harry finds Slughorn in one of the Greenhouses


Slughorn: Thatís a venomous Tentacula. Merlinís Beard!
Harry:... Itís leaves are quite valuable, arenít they?
Slughorn: Yes. Iím not interesting in selling them of course! My interest is purely academic. Not that this specimen would fetch many Galleons.
Harry: Have you tried using a Dragon Dung Fertilizer on it?

You think that would work?


Harry: Oh, yes. I have a feeling it will.

Start brewing the Fertilizer and follow the steps on the screen.

Start brewing the Potion


When the Potion is ready read your Scores:

Your Scores

Harry: Shall we try it, Sir?



A dab hand at Herbology, too! But you shouldnít be walking about at night, Harry.
Harry: Actually, Sir, Iím just about to go for a walk down to Hagridís.
Slughorn: Ah, Iím sorry but I canít allow you to go off walking the Castle grounds alone.
Harry: Well, by all means come with me, Sir.

Slughorn yields and accompanies Harry to Hagridís hut.
Hagrid: ĎArry. I knew youíd come to mourn old Aragog. Me oldest friend Ďe was!



Harry (to Slughorn): A giant spider Ė an Acromantula that lived in the forest. Hagrid counted him as a friend... even though it tried to eat me!
Hagrid: He was jusí beiní friendly!
Slughorn: Hagrid, not to be indelicate, but Acromantula venom is very valuable... would you mind if I extracted a vial or two, then maybe spoke a few words over the deceased?
Hagrid: Oh, Aragog, Iíll miss you old friend!
Slughorn: Farewell, Aragog, King or Arachnids... May your many-eyed descendents ever flourish... A toast to the funeral of a friend.

Iím so sorry for your loss Hagrid.

To Aragog!


After Hagrid has left Harry and Slughorn are having a conversation.
Harry: Do you know why I survived? The night Voldemort killed my parents?
Slughorn: Oh, donít, míboy! Your mother, oh... she was one of my absolute favorites.
Harry: She sacrificed herself for me... for everybody. Professor, Iím going to tell you something. Itís true... I am the Chosen One. Only I can kill Voldemort. But I need your Memory to do it. I need that Memory so my motherís sacrifice wasnít for nothing.



Donít think badly of me... You donít know what he was like... even then. I think Dumbledore will want to see you... now you have my Memory.

Take the Memory to Dumbledoreís office


[28.2] Explore the grounds around Hagridís Hut first.

By now youíre familiar enough with WL to lift a bucket and hit the framed Crest above Hagridís door.

Hit and collect the Crest


There is a Crest overgrown by a shrub. Burn the shrub with multiple Incendio and take the Crest.

Burn the shrub and take the Crest


Run into the bushes and collect a Crest.

A Crest in the bushes


The Lion holding a Crest is still mute. Youíll have unlock something else first, I guess.
Run all around and collect the Mini-Crests.

On your way up to the Castle meet these two nerds Crabbe and Goyle again for a change.

Look whoís still creeping about.


Harry: I havenít got time for this.
Goyle: Youíre going nowhere. Stupefy!
Defeat each of them.

Itís easy to beat these losers


Malfoyíll make you pay, Po-e.
Harry: Malfoyíll join his loser father in Azkaban before he ever beats me!

In the next scene we see Harry with Dumbledore:
Sir Ė Iíve got it. Iíve got the Memory from Slughorn.

This is spectacular news! I knew you could do it! Harry, Quickly...


Dumbledore investigates Slughornís Memory:

Now at last... we shall see...


Reading Slughornís Memory: Horcruxes? Thatís very Dark stuff indeed, Tom. To make one you would have to split your soul and to do that, well... Murder! Killing rips the soul apart. To think of doing that once is a violation against nature, but seven times?!

Dumbledore comments: So, Horace told Tom Riddle about Horcruxes...

Horace Slughorn goes on: You see, a Horcrux is an object in which a person has concealed part of their soul and while the Horcrux exists...

...that person cannot die.


Harry: Do you think thatís what Voldemort has done? He succeeded in making a Horcrux?
Dumbledore: Oh, he succeeded. And not just once.
Harry: He made seven?!
Dumbledore: He tore his soul into seven pieces, one resides within him, the other six... Well, you encountered one Horcrux here in your second year... Tom Riddleís diary... I have accounted for another in the form of this ring.
Harry: Thatís how you hurt your hand? And thatís where youíve been going! To search for the Horcruxes.
Dumbledore: Yes, Harry. And I think... perhaps... I have found the third... When time comes, I shall need your help to destroy it...

In the next scene Harry meets Ginny in her Quidditch outfit.

And Snapeís making you do the detention?!


Harry: No! He knows itís the deciding Match.

Youíll have to fly instead of me.


Dean can take you place as Chaser.
Suddenly Snape joins the scene: Gossiping when you should be waiting by my office, Potter? That will be ten points from Gryffindor.
Harry: What for?! Iím not late!

Iím not late, Sir.


Harry: Thereís no need to call me ďSirĒ, Professor.
Snape: I wouldíve thought you had enough detentions after the incident with Draco Malfoy. Do you require another? Twenty points from Gryffindor. And go to my office. Gryffindor will just have to manage without their Chosen One...
Snape takes Harry to his office.

Poor Gryffindor...


Fourth place in the Quidditch Cup this year, I fear.
Harry: Win that Match, Ginny! Win the Cup for Gryffindor!
Ron joins Ginny:

Snape made him do detention. Iím flying as Seeker today.

Autosave. You play as Ginny now.

When you quit the Game you will see your scores:

Your total amount of Crests and Mini-Crests

Ginny watches your Menu now


You still have 23 physical Crests to find and 6 Crests to be converted from collecting Mini-Crests.

Level 29: