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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 29

[29.1]  Play as Ginny with the Match against Ravenclaw.

Warm-up before the Match


Itís the usual stuff. Follow the Snitch flying through stars and boost up your speed. Knock off the Dummies on your way and avoid the rings.


Follow the Snitch through the stars

Catch the Snitch


Prepare for the real  Match Vs. Ravenclaw now:

Get ready for the Match to start!


First there is the usual greeting for fair play:

A polite greeting between both Captains


Now get through the stars and follow the Snitch.

Through the stars

And the Snitch is caught!


Prof. McGonagall meets the Team:



Fifty points to each and every one of you for a job well done!

[29.2] On the training Field Harry runs to Ron and Ginny. You play like Harry again.

What happened? What happened?


Ginny: We won!
Ron: How was the detention?
Harry: Oh, Snape had me sorting rotten Flobberworms. Tell the rest of the Team congratulations for me, will you?
Ron: You can tell them yourself.
Harry: I canít. Dumbledoreís asked me to meet me at the Astronomy Tower. I think he wants me to go with him... to look for a Horcrux.
Ron: Blimey! Be careful, mate!
Harry: His note also said he wants me to take some Wiggenweld Potion first. Iíd better go to Potions Club to make some. Iíll see you later.

Go to Potions Club and brew a Wiggenweld Potion


You should go to the Potions Club at the Greenhouses where you will meet a girl. Before doing that you may do some side trips and find more Crests.

Youíll get one in the Library from your Mini-Crests.

This Crest is obtained from Mini-Crests


On the 5th floor you can see an Armor holding a Crest. Take a pot and knock it out. Cast WL and lead it to Harry.

Get the Crest from the Armor


Sometimes a Crest occurs again on a spot where you took one before. On this bridge you see two Crests: one is a framed Crest above the door (which re-appeared) and the other is hold by a Lion statue.

Two Crests on the bridge


Lift the boulder (youíve done this before) and hit the Crest.

Get this Crest for the second time


There are two girls on the bridge having a fight. So now you can talk to the Lion.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Go the girls and talk with them.

Press green to talk with the fighting girls


Blond haired Girl: Give it to me.
Brown haired girl:



Blond girl: Iíll give you to the count of 10... 1, 2, 3...
Harry: Hey, thereís no need to be mean. Even the Sorting Hat told us to work together.
Blond girl: The Sorting Hat stinks, and so do you.
You have to Duel the blond girl.

Defeat the blond girl


Brown girl: Thanks for getting rid of her, Harry. See you around.
The Lion statue releases the Crest for Harry.

Collect the Crest the Lion released


Go outside and find a Fireworks Box. Lit the fuse for Fireworks and a Crest. When it drops to the floor it will fall to pieces. Repair and collect.

A Crest with the Fireworks


Somewhat farther there is a Crest overgrown by a shrub. Burn the shrub and collect the Crest.

A Crest behind a shrub


Remember there was a mute Lion near Hagridís Hut? This time a guy and a girl are having a fight in front of the Lion.

A fight near a Lionís statue


Talk to the Lion and heíll tell you to help someone.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Go talk with them. Apparently the girl stole a Collection Card from the guy. Duel with the girl.

Defeat the girl in a Duel


Guy: Thanks, Harry. She was really mean.
The Lion releases the Crest now. Go and collect it.

Collect the Lionís Crest


Remember that Fireworks Box you saw near the Pendulum when Snape took Harry in detention? Ignite it and a Crest is been released. When it drops to the floor it breaks into pieces. Repair and collect.

A Crest from the Fireworks Box


Youíve unlocked a Reward: Earn more Mini-Crests with each cast.
This is a very good Reward. From now on youíll get loads of Mini-Crests from glowing objects!

In a corner of the gallery surrounding the Hogwarts Entrance Courtyard you can burn down a vine covering a framed Crest. Use a Dugbomb from the box to take it out.

Burn down the vine with Incendio

The framed Crest is exposed

Lead a Dungbomb to the wall and let it explode

Collect the Crest


There is a Lion statue holding a Crest in the corner opposite of the Grand Staircase Shortcut behind the Pendulum. A guy is standing nearby. Talk to the Lion.

Someone needs a Potion to be made...


I shall give a Reward if you will help him.
Go to the guy and talk with him.

Hey Harry!...


I heard youíre impressing Slughorn with your skill at Potion-making. Any chance you can make a Volubilis Potion for me?
Harry: Yeah, okay. Iíll make it for you at Potions Club.
[NOTE: Thatís odd... weíve brewed that Potion before]

Optional task: make a Volubilis Potion at Potions Club


A side door at the Hogwarts Entrance Courtyard leads to a classroom you have not seen before.

A new classroom


You can hit a framed Crest above the door with a bench. Collect the Crest.

The Crest above the door


Back in the Great Hall collect more Mini-Crests and earn a Hogwarts Crest.

A Crest obtained by Mini-Crests


Finally, go to Potions Club at Herbology (if you donít know the way summon Nearly Headless Nick).

Arriving the Herbology Potion Club


From the announcement board select Wiggenweld Potion (optionally you may select a Volubilis Potion first). The girl will comment your results.

Wiggenweld Potion?...


Thatís a really difficult one. Mind if I watch you make it? Good luck!

It is quite difficult, indeed. Follow the instructions. As always, the hardest part is shaking a flask first. And thereís a lot of shaking here. When the Wiggenweld Potion is finished youíll get your Scores:

Your Potion Scores


Harry will drink from the Potion. Autosave.

Exit the Game and check your Crests.

Your Crests and Mini-Crest

Level 30: