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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 12


[12.1] Harry has brewed the Shrinking Solution.

I canít wait to see how you do in the other challenges. Come back and try them.


Harry holds the flask with the Shrinking Potion in his hand:

Great, Iíll definitely have a go, but Iíve got to meet Ginny Weasley at the Quidditch Pitch now.


Girl: Thatís okay. Just come back any time.

Take the Shrinking Solution to Ginny at the Quidditch Pitch


Leave the Greenhouse, turn left and cast Reparo on the broken pieces of Hogwarts Crest #48.

Repair the Crest

Get the Crest out with Wingardium Leviosa

Collect your 48th Crest


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the shiny Dragon Heads to shake all of the Mini-Crests out.

There is a Dungbomb Box in the corner where you repaired Crest #48. Take out a Bomb (Wingardium Leviosa) and send it to the wall with the framed Crest. It will explode and release Crest #49.

Get Crest #49 with a Dungbomb


Enter the Greenhouses again and find two more Crests.

Crest #50

Crest #51


Get all Mini-Crests from shiny objects in the Greenhouses.

A shiny object in a Greenhouse


Then go outside and enter the door that will lead to the Training Ground (donít forget to shake shiny objects in that room).

The door to the room

The door to the Training Ground


At the Training Ground you will meet Crabbe who wants a Duel with Harry.

Not now, Crabbe. Iím going to meet someone.


Crabbe: Looks like youíre going to be late, doesnít it? Stupefy!
You can easily beat this bully with the skills you learned.

The Duel with Crabbe


Crabbe (defeated and walking away): Iíll get you back for that!


Now you know what it feels like to be bullied.


Some Indian looking Guy meets harry:

That was great, Harry! Crabbe and Goyle are always bullying people.


Hey, couldnít you come and help us, could you? Iím the Hufflepuff Duelling Captain,  and some of the students in my house could really use some help with their defensive Spells.

Harry: Well... okay. But Iíll have to be quick.
Captain: Okay everyone, Harryís agreed to show us Protego. Our Duelling Club Junior Champion has bravely volunteered to help. Okay, Harry, off you go...
Cast Protego like shown on the instructions.

When the Hufflepuff Junior Champion casts Stupefy cast Protego


Captain: Could you teach us how to charge Spells too? Show us how itís done Harry.

Teach how to charge Stupefy


[12.2] Captain: Thanks Harry.

If you fancy another go, just sign up for a Duel on the notice board over there.


Now youíre ready to take the Shrinking Solution to Ginny at the Quidditch Pitch.

Continue on your way to Ginny


Run around the whole Training Ground and get as many Mini-Crests from shiny objects. There are lots of them.

Get the Mini-Crests


There are also two birds flying around that are shiny. Get the Mini-Crests from them.

Also get Mini-Crests from flying birds


If you meet Ginny remember to return here later for a Crest because once you have spoken to her there is no way back.

Hi, Ginny. Iíve made that Shrinking Solution for you


Ginny: Thanks, Harry. Thatís brilliant.
Harry: You wouldnít believe all the things I had to do on my way back to you, but Iím here now. Shall we go to Hogsmeade?
Ginny: Ah, sorry, Harry. Iíve arranged to go with Dean. Heís not stopped moaning since I told him I couldnít go and now I can...
Harry: Yeah, Dean, of course. Youíd better go with him. Iíll go with Hermione.
Ginny: See you later, Harry .

Ginny goes down the stairs.

Yeah. See you later.


Hermione appears on the scene:

What was that Potion you gave to Ginny?


Youíve not been making more things from that Potions book, have you? You donít even know who the Half-Blood Prince is! Letís go to Hogsmeade.


Itís just... Iím starting to think this Prince character was a bit dodgy.


In the snowy street Harry and Hermione are witnesses of a fight going on:

Isnít that Katie Bell?

Itís nothing to do with you


Katie falls down:

Katie! Katie! Itís that necklace... it must be cursed.

Level 13: