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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 4

4.1 Harry and Ron are standing in front of the Potions Club door.

The potions Class

Practice your potion-making skills at Potions Club


Enter the Potions Club and meet Professor Horace Slughorn.

Meet Prof. Slughorn


Slughorn: Harry m’boy, I was beginning to worry.
Harry: Sorry we’re late, Sir. And I’m afraid Ron and I haven’t got books yet...
Slughorn: Not to worry. You can get what you need from over there. A simple little potion to ease us into the year, I think. Open up your books and let’s get busy with a Wit-Sharpening Potion, shall we?
Harry (to Hermione): Hermione... um... Wit-Sharpening Potion?

We made in our fourth year... just do what I do.


Now you will get four experiments with brewing Potions.

First you must select a bottle of the same shape and color as indicated. Take the bottle and pour the liquid into to the Cauldron until the potion matches the new color like shown on the drawing.

Select the correct bottle and turn the Potion into the suggested color


Mistakes will cause smoke that you can clear by pressing LT and RT repeatedly.

Get rid of smoke


When you finished this job you will get a Time Bar. You must now repeat the same thing but faster.

The Time Bar


If you do right you will get the Potions Beginner’s Luck Badge:

Potions Beginner’s Luck Badge


You may also get the Last Gasp Badge.

Last Gasp Badge


Slughorn: Not bad, Miss Granger. Harry... well done, m’boy. Well, now we have our juices flowing, let us turn to... the Cure for Boils.
Harry (to Hermione): What’s this one?
Hermione:  Oh, Harry, it’s a first year Potion. Have you forgotten all your revision?

[4.2] This is your 3rd Potion Experiment. You must heat the Cauldron by pressing RAS up- and forward.

Instructions to heat the Cauldron


When heating the Cauldron a bottle will be shown under the time bar. Pour the contents into the Cauldron until the color is exactly like indicated and then stop. Otherwise you will get smoke. Then another type of bottle will be highlighted.

Cure for Boils


When that’s done Harry says to Hermione:
Hey, someone’s written a note on this... “Red is for beginners! Heat until the Potion goes “pink”.
Hermione: That’s just a student’s notes... it can’t be the proper way to make it or they would’ve printed it in the book.
Harry: Yeah, but... Well I’m going to try these notes...
Hermione: Aha, not bad, not bad at all... My, my, my, Harry. Pink?
Harry: Er, yes, I must’ve –
Slughorn: No, no. Red is of course the basic Potion, but pink! Excellent! You have the makings of a master Potion-maker! You should be ready for something a little more complicated then, yes? Let us try the Draught of Living Death.
Harry (to Hermione): I told you to make it go pink. Sir, you haven’t told you what’s in that golden bottle.
Slughorn: Ah! What you see here is Felix Felicis... more commonly known as “liquid luck”. One sip and you will find all your endeavors succeed. And this I offer today – to the student who brews and acceptable Draught of Living Death... a small vial of liquid luck. So, gather your ingredients but keep your eye on the clock. Good luck!
Harry (to Hermione): I can whisper these notes to you.

No, thank you. My instructions are perfectly adequate


Harry: Suit Yourself.

Draught of Living Death


You will get the Smoky Brewer Badge.

Smoky Brewer Badge


Slughorn: Not bad, Miss Granger, now... Excellent, Harry! It’s clear you’ve inherited your Mother’s talent; she was a dab hand at Potions, but this … Here, as promised.

One bottle of liquid luck. Use it well!

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