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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 6


[6.1] Angus: Brilliant, Harry! Ready for a proper duel? Okay, Ron, now you can fight back. There will be three rounds. May the best duellist win!

Angus announces the start of a duel


Ron: Come on, Harry, letís show them how to duel!!
Angus: Ladies and Gentlemen of Gryffindor! Here duelling today, competing for a chance to join the Gryffindor Duelling Club.

On the left we have Ronallld Weasssley


On the right, the boy who lived Öthe boy who fought the Who Must Not be.
[NOTE: Angus means Lord Voldemort]

Named... Is he the Chosen One? ... The boy, the legend Ė Haaarrry Potter!

Harry bows to the audience


Angus: Brilliant Harry! Ready for a proper duel? Okay, Ron, now you can fight back. There will be three rounds. May the best duellist win!

There is no specific strategy. You may cast Expelliarmus or Stupefy for attacks and Dodge to defend yourself against Jinxes.

Here are some screenshots of how I did it:

Round 1

Casting Spells

Both friends bow for Round 2

A bow for round 3


Now you get the scores:

The scores of the duel


Youíve earned the Duelling Beginnerís Luck Badge:

Duelling Beginnerís Luck Badge



We have a winner... Harrry Potter!

Well done, Harry... I am proud to welcome you to the Gryffindor Duelling Club!

Come back and practice with us any time you like; you can sign up for duels on the notice board.

The notice board

[6.2] You are now invited to meet Ron outside.

Go and meet Ron Outside


Open the doors and meet Ron and Hermione.

Open the doors to meet both of your friends


Harry, Hermione and Ron have a conversation.

Hermione: Hello, Harry Dumbledore asked me to give this to you. How did you get in such a mess?

Ron: Weíve been dueling


Hermione: Well, honestly, it would only take you two seconds to straighten up afterwards.
Harry: Dumbledore says he likes Acid Pops... Itís the Password. Dumbledore is going to give me private lessons this year.
Hermione: Heíll probably want to teach you some advanced defensive magic because of the... Prophecy. Come on, Ron. Iíll help you with that Defence against the Dark Arts homework.
Ron: Er, yeah, right.

Level 7: