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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince





The 6th Harry Potter Game is in many ways superior to its predecessor Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Itís a good and logical story with excellent graphics and the Game recognizes your Gamepad which is automatically configured.

When starting the Game you will be asked what Language you would like to play the Game in:

The Language Selector


You have a choice between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech/Slovak, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish and Norwegian. Unfortunately there is no Mongolian available yet so I figured English would perhaps be a good alternative for the time being? To select any Language, highlight one by using the arrows and press ENTER. And then Harry will speak that Language.

Next the Stars are introduced, and of course they grew a bit older now:

Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore

Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy


Then you will be asked if you would prefer the Autosave Feature turned on. Autosave will overwrite data and Save Blocks without confirmation, but an Icon down below the screen will let you know when the Autosave is being made. Once the Autosave has been overwritten you cannot return to a previous Save Block. There is a way though but it is very time consuming: creating a Ghost Image.

The Autosave screen


By now the Introductory Cinematic will start. So far you have not been able to pause the Game for adjusting the Settings in the Menu. You can only do that at the end of the Cinematic when Level 1 will start.

First you will see a fast succession of the Gameís highlights.
Then, two Witches are descending a hill going down to London Town in a heavy rain.

The descent of the Witches


They enter a house where an obviously hypnotized Prof. Snape is sitting on a table. They urge him to carry out the Dark Lordís orders and Snape pledges the vow: I will.

An obscure house in a London backstreet

Snape turns to the Lord of Darkness


A fire breaks out and next you see some fragments of a Newspaper and how pictures of a sad looking Harry were taken with Dumbledore watching in the background.

Fragments of a Newspaper

Pictures of Harry are taken for the Paper


At this point Level 1 will start with a cinematic showing an aerial view of this strange house in the Burrow:

The start of Level 1


Now you are able to pause and open the Menu.

The X-Box 360 Controller for Windows

Throughout this Game Iím using a wireless version of this Pad. It is convenient to play the Game with the Pad because it is recognized by the Game, already preset, and when you select playing with the Pad all instructions are given with the colored and lettered Buttons.
Iím not sure if the Game recognizes any other Gamepad, but you may try though.
I would strongly advise you friends to play with a Gamepad. There are lots of mini-games like Quidditch and fast Broom Flying through star-shaped Rings that makes controlling much easier.

So from here on all Control Buttons that are mentioned in this Walkthrough  will be for the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (either wireless or not).
You may easily convert by selecting Keyboard/Mouse for your Gameplay. All instructions in the Game are then provided for the Keyboard and Mouse Buttons.

The Menu

If your Gamepad is plugged in and activated you may already open the Menu by pressing \ (the symbol of the Start Button), or by pressing ESC on the Keyboard.

The Menu


Whatever you do in the Menu windows, Harry will watch your moves (!).
Browse to Options first and click on the Tab. In the Options Menu browse to Controller Configuration.

Click on the Controller Configuration Tab


The Controller Configuration Menu will show the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows on the left side and the Keyboard/Mouse on the right side. Select the Pad by using LAS (Left Analog Stick) by pressing green (the A Button on the Pad).

Selecting the Gamepad


Press red (the B Button on the Pad) to return to the Options Menu. Turn on the Subtitles (or donít).

The Subtitles Tab


Press red to return to the Options Menu and select Graphics Quality.

Highlight Graphics Quality


Adapt the Graphics Quality according to the power of your Computer. When powerful enough, select the highest values for enjoying optimal quality.

The Graphics Quality screen


When you now press red to return to the Options Menu you will have to restart the Game to confirm the new Graphics Settings. Just follow the instructions given on the screen.

Now highlight Save and Quit.

Press the Tab Save and Quit


Next you will see one of the following Advice screens for a few seconds:

Advice screens


After one of the Advice Screens you will be forwarded to a new Menu where you must first make a Profile.

The Menu with the Profiles


Browse to Profiles and press green to open.

You may create up to three Profiles

The three Profile Folders are respectively called:

Profile 1: HPHBP0
Profile 2: HPHBP1
Profile 3: HPHBP2

Each of these Folders contain a Savegame Profile File, that DOES NOT  contain the Savegames or Autosaves.

The pad where you find the Profile Folders in VISTA is:
Desktop\<Computer name>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince\HPHBP0- HPHBP1- HPHBP2.

Press red to return to the previous Menu and select Clubs.

Highlight Clubs


Press the Tab and you will see the following screen:

The Clubs Information


Press red to return to the previous Menu and highlight Rewards.

Click on Rewards


Now you will get a screen with the Tab Badges. Click on that.



This will show your collection of different kinds of Badges earned during the Game.

The different Badges


Now you may Continue the Game:



Or you may Quit the Game:



Savegames and Save Blocks

Just like I did in the previous Harry Potter Walkthroughs I will indicate the  Save Blocks by numbers. These are sections between a newly overwritten Autosave and the next Autosave.


In this Game you have to collect Hogwarts Crests and Mini-Crests. Youíll soon find out what they are and how to get them in Level 1. Mini-Crests are found in glowing objects. It takes 1000 Mini-Crests to earn a Hogwarts Crest. There are 150 Hogwarts Crests to collect of which 25 are converted from Mini-Crests.


Iíve created 31 Levels in this Game accordingly to the subject or task Harry has to do. These are the names of the Levels:

     1.      Chasing the Snitch
2.     To Hogwarts
3.     Following Nearly Headless Nick
4.     Potions Club
5.     On your way to Duelling Practice
6.     The Gryffindor Duelling Club
7.     Meeting Dumbledore
8.     Reparo
9.     Quidditch
10. To the Greenhouses
11.   Potions Club revisited
12. On your way to Ginny
13. To the Quidditch Pitch
14. Quidditch against Slytherin
15. To Slughornís Party
16. The Party
17. Cocktail Punch
18. The Library
19. The 7th Floor
20.  Mystery Potion
21.  Dumbledoreís office
22.   Practicing
23.   To Potions
24.   The Astronomy Tower
25.  Love Potion Antidote
26.   Quidditch Match against Hufflepuff
27.  Chasing Malfoy
28.  Slughornís Memory
29.  Quidditch Match against Ravenclaw
30.    Visit Dumbledore Ė Part 1. On your way to the Astronomy Tower
      Visit Dumbledore Ė Part 2. Crossing over
31. The Half-Blood Prince

Quit/Restart the Game

When you quit the Game after an Autosave you will get a survey of the number of Crests and Mini-Crests you have gathered so far.

Your number of Hogwarts Crests and Mini-Crests


When you restart the Game after an Autosave point you must not go through the full Introduction Cinematic. This is how you start your new Game:

Language Selector

The EA Logo

The WB Logo

The Logo: An EA Bright Light Videogame


At this point you can press \ to open the Menu. You will get this screen first:

The Intro to the Menu


Press green to open the full Menu:

The Menu


Press green when Continue is highlighted and again your amount of collected Hogwarts Crests and Mini-Crests will be shown. Then the Game will continue from your last Autosave.

What now?

Well... thatís simple: all you do now is starting the Game and enjoy playing as much as I did!