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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 16


[16.1] New Area unlocked.

I solemnly swear Iím up to no good.


Mischief managed.
[NOTE: I wonder what Harry always means with these two sentences each time a new Area is unlocked?]

Harry: The Aurors have opened this part of the Castle now. Come on, letís go to Slughornís Party.

Take Luna to the Party in Slughornís Office


Go all around the gallery and shake out the Mini-Crests from the lanterns.

You will enter the gallery first


Now enter the Courtyard, hit the bird and look at the two framed Crests you could not get before. Now you can because of the Exploding Cauldron Box that you have gotten as a Reward.

The Exploding Cauldron Box was one of your Rewards


Cast Wingardium Leviosa to maneuver a Cauldron under the left Crest. Cast the Spell again. The Cauldron will hit the wall and explode causing the Crest dropping to the floor.

Take the Crest


Repeat with the Crest on your right.

Take the second Crest


The door gives access to the Antechamber of the Great Hall of moving staircases.

Enter the Antechamber


As always, take the Mini-Crests from the flying bird and the two statues and enter the Conference Hall for more Mini-Crests. Leave and make a tour of the Great Hall. The smaller doors are now accessible. Explore all of them.

Explore the newly opened areas for Mini-Crests and Hogwarts Crests


This will bring you to the 7th floor where you can trigger the bench to hit a Crest behind a statue in an alcove.

The bench and the framed crest behind the statue


You canít get the bench past the statue though (for now) and the bench will tumble all the way down. Go down the spiral staircase and find a Crest on your way.

A Crest on your way down


Down below the spiral staircase you can enter the cellar. Find a framed Crest and an Exploding Cauldron Box to knock it out.

Use an Exploding Cauldron to get that Crest


Further on there is a Crest for grabbing.

Just walk to the Crest and collect it


At this point youíll get an extra Crest from all the Mini-Crests youíve gathered.

A Crest earned by your Mini-Crests


Now you will enter a Crypt (?) and notice a Crest behind a spider web. Cast Incendio on the web to burn it down and get the Crest out of the niche with Wingardium Leviosa.

The Crest behind the spider web


Proceed to a room where you can knock out a framed Crest with a bench.

Hit the Crest with the bench


There is a side passage with some stairs leading to a Crest. Go down the stairs and get it.

A Crest down in a side passage


Leave this part of the Castle through the Grand Staircase Shortcut (you have been here before).

Press green to say the password


The painting will reply: Lumen Siccum. The door will open.

Take a tour of the Great Hall for more Mini-Crests and enter 5th floor. Find the next Crest on your left.

Your next Hogwarts Crest


Proceed and lift up the cabinet to hit the framed Crest above the door.

Knock the Crest out of its frame


Go out through this door, and enter the opening right under the 7th floor. There you will meet Luna who has been waiting for you.

Go in here

Are you ready to go to the Party now?


No, youíre not. Explore this entire floor for Mini-Crests and then follow Luna to Prof. Slughornís Office.

The Office of Professor Slughorn


Go in and meet the man himself.

Harry, míboy...


Glad you came! There are so many people I want you to meet.
Harry: Professor Slughorn. Thereís no one else here.
Slughorn: Of course not! And a good job, too. Weíre not ready yet, not in the least bit ready. Thatís where I could do with a spot of help. Iím sure you and Miss, er... er...
Harry: Lovegood.
Slughorn:... here will soon get the place in shape. I was going to rustle up a Party punch for my guests, but time has not been willing. Could you mix something for me perhaps?

Then you will see a cauldron and that is when an Autosave is made. You can exit the game and see your current score:

Your number of Crests and Mini-Crests

Level 17: