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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 5


[5.1] You are invited to meet Ron outside.

Go and meet Ron outside


Before going outside extract all the Mini-Crests from the shiny objects in the Potions Class.
Then Harry meets Ron outside.
Ron: Blimey Harry. Have you been doing a Hermione and revising all summer?
Harry: No, it’s the textbook I borrowed. It’s got notes all over it. I just followed their instructions.
Ron: Huh! You don’t need a Potion to be lucky... I mean I could’ve picked that book, but no; I get the one that looks like it’s been puked on... Of all the Ghosts, Gryffindor got Nick who couldn’t even get his head cut off properly.
Harry: He got us here, didn’t he?

A discussion between Harry and Ron while a young guy joins the scene: Harry Potter?


Ron: Look, he’s NOT talking about the prophecy, he’s not talking about the “Daily Prophet”, and he won’t give you his autograph, so clear off pipsqueak!
Young guy (to Harry): No. You’ve been invited to join the Gryffindor Duelling Club, in the Great Hall.
Ron: Oh. Right. Thanks. Sorry.
Young guy: It’s okay. Oh, Professor McGonagall said to tell you there’s a shortcut to the Great Hall behind that portrait. The password is “Libraries Liberate”.

This portrait opens the way to the Great Hall


Ron: Duelling Club? You should be brilliant at that!
Harry: All the D.A. members should. Let’s go and see if any of them are joining.

Go to the Great Hall and find out about the Duelling Club. The way to the Club is quite a long walk. Therefore, I found the walk and the side trips a good opportunity to collect Crests and Mini-Crests. So that is what you are going to do in this Level. Collect everything you can before reaching the Duelling Club and practice there.

When you open the portrait door with your password go down the spiral staircase and enter the Hogwarts Entrance Hall. Extract any Mini-Crests from the shiny objects.
This will get you Hogwarts Crest #10.

Convert Mini-Crests to Hogwarts 10th Crest


Open the Viaduct Entrance door and find your 11th Crest left of the Entrance.

The 11th Crest is left outside the Entrance door


Run along the Viaduct to the first Courtyard and extract all the Mini-Crests you find in the shiny lamps.

Take all the Mini-Crests from the Viaduct


Go all around the Courtyard alley. You will first see a set of broken Crest parts that you can lift with Wingardium Leviosa but you can’t join them until you earn one of the next Spells. So, leave these fragments for the time being.

Broken Crest fragments


On the other side of the alley you will see a Hogwarts Crest. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and lure it to the alley. Now you can collect Crest #12.

Collect Crest #12


Now open the door to the Antechamber of the Great Hall and extract Mini-Crest from the flying bird and the two statues.

Entering the Antechamber


In front of you is the double door to the Duelling Class. Do not come near to that door. Instead, enter the Great Hall and start walking on all the moving stairs. There are numerous of shiny objects there that provide Mini-Crests.
On the way you will meet the painting of the Potions Class Shortcut.

The Potions Class Shortcut


Press green to speak the Password and enter the Potions Cub again. But there is no need for that right now.
Go down to the first floor and take Crests #13 under the staircase.

Take Crest #13


On your right is the door to the Paved Courtyard. Leave that for later.

The Paved Courtyard Entrance


Keep running on the moving stairs and get enough Mini-Crests to convert them to Hogwarts Crest #14.

Get the 14th Crest


There is a framed Crest that you must knock out with a pot (Wingardium Leviosa doing twice). This is very hard though. When the pot falls down to the lower floor you can forget it. So you return later and try again.

You will need more practice with Wingardium Leviosa


Every time you pass the Antechamber you can gat new Mini-Crests from the two statues and flying bird. Now return to the basement and enter the Paved Courtyard.

Enter the Paved Courtyard in the basement of the Great Hall


Inside, turn around and notice a framed Crest above the door and a pot you can cast Wingardium Leviosa on. This will take some practice though. You can lift the pot, but not high enough. When the pot is hovering under the frame you must cast Wingardium Leviosa again so it may knock the Crest out of the frame.

The framed Crest above the door and the pot on the left side


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the pot and move it under the frame. Cast Wingardium Leviosa again so it can hit the frame. Then the Crest will fall to the floor. Pick up the Crest.

Knock out the Crest and collect #15


Walk through the passage and extract all Mini-Crests from the lamps. You will then enter the second Courtyard (that connects with the first one). Go up the stairs and meet a Crest locked by a shrub.

This Hogwarts Crest is locked by a shrub


Just like with Hagrid’s Crest you will need another Spell and return here later.
Go down to the Paved Courtyard and turn around.

Return to the Paved Courtyard


You’ll see a framed crest on the left wall and two pots that can be lifted with Wingardium Leviosa.

This is not easy either


Select one of the pots and let it hover under the frame. Then cast Wingardium Leviosa again to hit the frame. The Crest will drop to the floor and you can pick up #16.

Hit the 16th Crest and pick it up


Run around the upper walkway and find Crest #17 in the corner.

Your 17th Hogwarts Crests is within reach


Return to the Antechamber via the spiral staircase and get some more Mini-Crests from both statues and the bird. This will give you Hogwarts Crest # 18.

Get the 18th Crest in the Antechamber


No it’s about time to near the door to the Duelling Club. Harry will say “the door is locked” but Nearly Headless Nick will appear:

Ah, right. Door’s locked is it? Just a moment


Nick opens the door and our friends can now enter the Duelling Class.

Harry: Looks like Angus Matlock is in charge. Let’s ask him what we need to do.

Speak to the Gryffindor Duelling Club Captain


Harry approaches Angus: We got a message asking if we wanted to join the Duelling Club.
Angus: Yeah, we need you, Harry. Dumbledore’s re-started the Duelling Club – and we don’t want Slytherin to beat us!
Harry: What do I need to do?
Angus: Could you do a demonstration Duel for us, to help teach the others? Should be simple for you – you won’t be fighting You-Know-Who (he means Draco Malfoy), just another Gryffindor.

Practicing Duelling

1. Stupefy
Angus: Can we start with the basics. Cast stupefy at Ron. Ready? On the count of three, demonstrate the Spell... Stupefy! One, two, three, cast!

The rules of Stupefy


Press LAS and RAS forward together.

Wow, It’s an honor to watch you cast, Harry. You’re brilliant.


2. Dodging
Angus: Okay. Now you first-years watch this. Harry’s going to show us the most basic defence – dodging! Ron, you cast. Harry. You dodge his spells.

Dodge jinxes by pressing RT or LT


3. Expelliarmus
Angus: Now apart from dodging there’s... Oi! Pay attention! Listen up! We’re going to move on to Expelliarmus. This Spell is really useful if you want to finish a duel quickly. Harry, could you demonstrate it for us?

To cast Expelliarmus you must simultaneously use LAS (left) And RAS (right).

Instructions to cast Expelliarmus


You need to cast Expelliarmus quickly, or your opponent might have time to recover.


Level 5: