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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


[Epilogue] The Autosave starts with Harry standing outside the Covered Bridge.

At the exit of the covered bridge


You can now finish off the Game by looking for the remaining Crests. Go right to the Owlery Tower and ascend the stairs. By the Entrance of the Owlery a Framed Crest is hanging left of the door and a boulder is lying on your right. Use the boulder to hit the Crest and collect.

The Entrance of the Owlery

Pick up the boulder

Hit the Crest

Collect the Crest


Enter the Tower and find a Crest on the floor.

A Crest inside


Walk up the stairs and find a Crest on the second floor.

Walk up the spiral staircase

A Crest on the second floor

Collect the Crest


On the third floor there is a Crest behind a grilled door.

A Crest behind the grilled door

Break the Crest into pieces

Get the parts outside, repair and collect


Leave the Tower for the Transfiguration Courtyard and talk to the Lion statue in a corner.

You want a Crest? Then find someone to help!


Go talk to the single girl.

Press green to talk

Hiya, Harry!...


Iíve got to make some Oculus Potion for homework, but Iím allergic to stewed Mandrake, it brings me out in rashes... Any chance you could help me?
Harry: Er, okay...

Make an Oculus Potion


Go to Herbology and select the Oculus Potion from the Noticeboard.



Start brewing the Oculus Potion.

Restores the drinkerís sight...


And ends the effects of the Conjunctivitis Curse.

When the potionís ready, read your Scores.

Your Scores


Return to the girl at the Transfiguration Courtyard and hand her over the Potion.

Thank you...


Maybe this time Iíll finally get an ďOĒ in Potions.

Collect the Crest


Leave Herbology to the Training Ground and follow the wall until you see a small staircase with a Crest. Walk up and collect the Crest.

The Crest on the small staircase


Go to Quidditch and walk up the second staircase leading to the Grand Staircase shortcut. Pass the painting and look left through a window giving view to a Tower. This contains a framed Crest.

The framed Crest on the Tower


Go down the stairs, pick up the pot and maneuver it under the Crest. Try to knock it out.

Use the pot to hit the Crest


If you fail the pot will tumble down and may end up away from the staircases where you wonít be able to pick it up any longer. In that case walk down and up the stairs to the Training Ground and pick up the bench in the corner. Maneuver it all the way up to the window.

Maneuver the bench all the way up to the window


Restart with the bench. Chances a higher to hit the Crest with a larger object like a bench .

Hit the Crest with the bench


Walk all the way down to where the bench has fallen down. Pick up the Crest lying next to the bench.

Your final Crest


Youíve found all 150 Crests. Congratulations!


You can now finish all optional Duelling, Quidditch and Potions Challenges. Augment your collection of Badges:

Duelling Club Champion Badge

Master Duellist Badge

Endurance Badge

Keen Flyer Badge

Potions Endurance Badge

Potions Club Veteran


Leave the Game and look at your Crest Scores:

Your Crest Scores