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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 9


[9.1] After the Key is repaired and turned into the slot the Gate to the Quidditch Cup will now open.

The Gate to the Quidditch Cup is opening



You will then see a Portrait. The woman on the Portrait says:

Well done on raising the portcullis! If you need a shortcut then come through here.


Harry: Do you offer a shortcut to the Quidditch Pitch?
Portrait Lady: Not exactly... just go to the Grand Staircase but I may come in handy later! If you need to use my shortcut again just say ďDashing CadoganĒ!
Harry: Great, thanks!


Come on. Letís go to the Quidditch trials.


When you go to the Courtyard take as many Mini-Crests as you can.

Collect the Mini-Crests


Cast Reparo on the broken parts of the Hogwarts Crest and get your Hogwarts Crest # 33.

How to get your broken Crest healed with Reparo


Go to the corner and collect your 34th Crest.

Your 34th Crest


Follow Katie along the bridge and collect your 35th Crest.

You now have Crest #35


When leaving the bridge you will meet Goyle, a very aggressive Slytherin guy:
How did you get through that portcullis, Potter?

Start a fight with this guy. Defeat him with your Spells and you will earn Crest #36.

Collect Crest #36


You will now follow Katie through a grotto. Get Crest #37.

Achieve the 37th Crest


In the grotto you can extract many Mini-Crests from lit objects. When you lift an object with Wingardium Leviosa and hit the Crest in the frame you will get a new bonus:

You have just unlocked Score boost for Flying Club events


Follow Katie through a passage that leads to a staircase going down.

The passage goes to a staircase


Down there you may catch Crest #38.

Get your 38th Crest


Down you will see another Crest that canít be caught.

You canít get this Crest for now


Granger will meet Ron Weasley:

Ready to try out for Keeper, Weasley?

Ron: Say... think you could introduce me to you friend, Granger? Wouldnít mind, er, getting to know her on a first name basis... Know what I mean?
Ron (to Harry): Come on, Harry. Weíd better go in and get started.
Harry: Er, thanks for coming. This morning I will put everyone through a series of challenges to select Gryffindorís Quidditch team. But know this: just because you made the team last year does not guarantee you a spot this year.
Granger: Oh yeah? Does that include you too?
Ron: Donít be dense. Heís the Captain!
Granger: Doesnít mean heís still a good Seeker, does it? Maybe he got injured fighting all those Death Eaters before summer... maybe heís lost his edge...
Katie: Go on, Harry. Show them how itís done. You put on a good enough show, Iíll make McLaggen eat his broom.

Start Quidditch chasing the Snitch


Flying through stars will give you more time.

Flying through stars


With enough speed, Harry catches the Snitch:

Harry caught the Snitch!


Later on, Harry, Ron and Hermione meet inside.


Harry: Hey, Hermione, have you ever heard of the Spell Sectumsempra?

No, this isnít from that Potion book, is it?


Harry: Yeah... and I found out some writing at the back. It says the book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince...

[NOTE: Finally... The existence of Half-Blood Prince has been revealed. Who is this mysterious Prince?]

Hermione: Iíve never heard of him. You should turn that book in.
Ron: Donít be mental. Itís brilliant.

Level 10: