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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 15


[15.1] Meet Ron at the Antechamber of the Great Hall.


Ron isnít very pleased with Hermioneís last words.

I canít help it if Hermioneís got her knickers in a twist...


What Lav and I have Ė well, letís just say is chemical. Thereís no stopping to it. Suppose youíre going to Slughornís Party?

Harry: Yeah. Iíd better go, Iím meeting Luna down by the Boathouse.
Ron: You could take any girl in the Castle and youíre taking Loony Lovegood?

Harry is completely speechless by Ronís insult


Some funny girl enters the room: Won-Won! Ooo-ooo!

Ron gets furious and leaves Harry alone: Have fun.

Have a look at your current collection of Crests and Mini-Crests:

This window appeared by the start of this Level


Your mission is:

Find Luna at the Boathouse and take her to Slughornís Party


There are many ways of how to reach the Boathouse. Either go out at the exit door of the first floor of the Great Hall, or take the shortcut to Hogwartsí Entrance Hall. Youíve been there before but you can also summon Nearly Headless Nick who will gladly lead you there.
Whatever path you choose, always make sure to collect as many Mini-Crests from the shiny lanterns and objects you meet and even make some small side trips to get more.
First explore the Conference Hall, then the Antechamber and the entire Great Hall of moving staircases again to collect more Mini-Crests.

I preferred the Paved Courtyard on the first floor.

The Entrance to the Paved Courtyard


Follow the passage to the spiral staircase and take all the Mini-Crests you can get.

Inside the passage

The spiral staircase


Enter the gallery surrounding the Courtyard and make a full round.

The lower gallery


Enter the Courtyard and get the Mini-Crests from the two flying birds.
Walk up the stairs to the upper gallery.

The upper gallery


Go down again and take the exit to the dirt road leading to the Boathouse.

The exit to the dirt road


Go all the way down to the Boathouse looking for shiny plants.

The Boathouse


Go down from the stairs  and meet Luna.


[15.2] Harry:

Hi, Luna... Thatís... a nice dress.


Luna: Do you think I should wear my radish earrings as well? I canít decide if they go with it...
Harry: No, no you look... fine.
Luna: Iím glad you came. Professor Slughorn asked me to set these fireworks off to announce his Party, but Iím not sure what youíre supposed to do with them.
Harry: We just need to Cast Incendio on their fuses.

Cast Incendio on the boxís fuse by moving RAS up and down:

Cast Incendio on the fuse

Watch this brilliant firework


Luna: Thatís pretty. Lets light the others.

Light the other boxes of fireworks on the way up to the castle


First go up the stairs and turn left to the other side of the Boathouse. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the boulder lying under the framed Crest and lead it down the stairs.

Lift the boulder and lead it down the stairs


Now the boulder is lying on the side of the other Crest. Lift it up and knock the Crest out of its frame by casting Wingardium Leviosa twice.

Direct the boulder for a bump against the Crest

Collect the Crest


Lift the boulder and throw it into the water. Go up to the other side again and notice that a new boulder has appeared under the framed Crest. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and let the boulder hover under the Crest. Cast the Spell again and hit the Crest.

Run to the fallen Crest

Pick up the Crest


Get the message of a Reward:

You have just unlocked Exploding Cauldron Boxes around Hogwarts


[NOTE: Getting each of both Crests out is very tricky. You have to find the correct position from where to let the boulder hover and also measure the correct distance from the wall. Itís all a matter of trial and error.]

Because of the new Reward you now see a Box of Exploding Cauldrons when you go down from the stairs to the other side. In the future these things will make it easier to get framed Crests.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa to lift an Exploding Cauldron out of the Box


On your way up the stairs youíll find more fireworks boxes. Luna will tell you. Lit them all.

The 2nd firework is on your left


Take all the Mini-Crests from glowing lanterns when ascending the stairs.

Glowing lanterns containing Mini-Crests

Thereís a fireworks box on your right.

Itís a shame fireworks donít last forever...


I suppose itís like everything you like, thereís a whoosh and itís really nice, and then it has to end... like going to the Party tonight.

Thereís the next one, Harry


Then left of the Entrance to the Castle youíll find your last one.

Thatís pretty


Go up to the Entrance.

Level 16: