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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 25


[25.1] Play as Ron and follow Harry.

Follow Harry to Romilda


Ron walks very slow and sees everything very hazy Ė there are all Hearts around him. Even when he casts Wingardium Leviosa on a shiny object the Mini-Crests will look like Hearts.

Mini-Crests look like Hearts


On the way earn a Hogwarts Crest by Mini-Hearts.

A Crest obtained by Mini-Hearts


Suddenly Lavender runs in:
Won-Won! Iíve been looking for you. Iíve got you a...

Leave me alone. Harryís going to introduce me to Romilda Vane!


Run walks away, totally uninterested.
Harry: Iíll explain later!

Enter Slughornís office.

Iím sorry to bother you, Sir, I need some help.


Ron: Where is she?
Slughorn: Whatís the matter with Wenby?
Harry: Weasley, Sir.

Romilda? Thatís a pretty name for a pretty witch.


Harry: Heís accidentally taken some Love Potion.
Slughorn: I see the problem, Iíve got the necessary ingredients here in my bag. Itís not a difficult Antidote... I think weíd better make it quickly.

Prepare the Love Potion Antidote by following the instructions on the screen.

Start preparing the Potion

Well done!

Your Score


Afterwards Slughorn offers Ron a little tonic for his nerves, and a little pick-me-up for Harry.

Slughorn offers some drinks


Suddenly Ron gets very sick.

Love Potion... I feel really bad.


Harry: - Ron? Ron! Professor, help him!
Ron is fainting. Slughorn: - What, what? Poisoned! Heís been poisoned!?

Harry is running to the desk with flasks and throws them on the floor looking for something. He runs to Ron and puts it under his chin.

Harry hurries to find some object between the flasks on the desk

He brings it to Ron


Slughorn: A Bezoar. Brilliant thinking! Youíve just saved Wenbyís life, míboy!

Itís getting dusk at Hogwarts Castle.

Dusk at Hogwarts

Level 26: