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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Level 30

Part 2


On top of the spiral staircase Harry stands on the bridge to the Observatory Room and watches Dumbledore and Snape in a heavy discussion.

Snape: Have you considered that you ask too much?... Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I donít want to do this anymore?
Dumbledore: I will not negotiate this with you, Severus. You agreed. Thereís nothing more to discuss.

Snape angrily walks away


Harry enters and meets Dumbledore again.

Harry, my friend...


The time has come to recover the Horcrux. The place we journey to is exceedingly dangerous, but I promised you that you could accompany me. There is, however, a condition: you must obey any command I give you Ė without question.

Understand what Iím saying...


Should I tell you to run, hide, or... abandon me and yourself... you will do so. Give me your word, Harry. Your word.
Harry: My word.
Dumbledore: Now, are you ready to embark on our dangerous little quest?
Harry: Apparation. How are we going to get there, Sir?

The next scene is like in another world, a Magic world. Dumbledore and Harry are walking to the shores of a wild river.

A wild river in another world

This is the place, Harry, Tom Riddle stood here as a boy.

He returned here many years later... with another name...


Now itís Lord Voldemortís obstacles that stand in our way...
They cross the river in a little boat. It is very haze in there.

Sir, there are... bodies in the water.


Dumbledore: We neednít worry about them at the moment. But Harry... do not touch the water.
Harry: Do you think the Horcrux is there?
Dumbledore: Oh yes.

They enter a cave on the opposite shore. There is a Potion in a bowl.

The liquid must be drunk...


Remember the condition on which I brought you with me? Whatever this  Potion does to me, you have to force it down my throat...
Harry: But, Sir...
Dumbledore: You gave me your word, Harry. Now... your health.

Dumbledore drinks from the Potion


It doesnít seem to do him any good though.
Harry: You... you canít stop, Professor. Youíve got to keep drinking.

Donít... donít make me...


Make it stop... Please... make it stop...

Itíll stop, but only if you drink...


But Harry is unrelenting. He was ordered to do so and he gave his word to the Professor.

Dumbledore: Please...

The Potion is making him really miserable.
Harry: One more. Just one more, Professor.
Dumbledore: Water. Water...

Harry gives a third sip of the Potion and then watches something horrible coming out of the water.

Sir! Sir!!!


[30.2] Several dead bodies are crawling out of the river.

Dead bodies crawling out of the water


Cast Stupefy on them very fast before one can reach you. Suddenly Dumbledore wakes up and casts a very strong Spell.

Dumbledore wakes up...

...and casts a very strong Spell


Meantime in the Room of Requirement Draco is opening the Vanishing Cabinet and lets Bellatrix come out of the closet.

Draco opens the Vanishing Cabinet

Now... where is he?


Next the Werewolf is coming out too.
In a next scene you see Harry carrying an exhausted Dumbledore to the Observatory Room.

The view goes to Hogwarts

We need to get you to the Hospital, Sir.


Dumbledore: Quickly, Harry. Hide yourself below. Do not show yourself, no matter what.
Harry: Professor -

Do as I say, Harry.


Harry runs down the stairs. Suddenly Draco is threatening Dumbledore.

You are not an assassin, Draco


Draco: How would you know? Iíve done things that would shock you...
Dumbledore: Like cursing Katie Bell?
Draco: I mended the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement to let them in. You didnít see that coming, did you? Expelliarmus!
But Dumbledore is faster than Draco.

Ė Well done, Draco.


But I warn you. Killing is not nearly as easy.
Bellatrix enters the scene:

Well now, look what we have here...


Dumbledore. Wandless and alone. Do it Draco.
Downstairs Harry is listening to the conversation.
Now Snape and the Werewolf are joining the scene.
He doesnít have the stomach. The Dark Lord was clear. The boyís to do it.



Dumbledore: Severus... please.
Snape casts a deadly Spell on Dumbledore.

Avada Kedavra!


Harry watches Dumbledore tumbling dead outside the Room. He is enraged and turns to Snape.

Harry witnesses the murder on Dumbledore



Snape (to his gang): Out of here, quickly. Itís over. Time to go.
Snape leaves through a side door and a Death Eater is entering.

The four leave through a door

A Death Eater enters


Duel with the Death Eater.

Defeat the Death Eater


Next youíll see Harry running through the door Snape escaped and chasing him. Near the Clock Tower youíll meet another Death Eater to Duel with.

Another Death Eater to defeat in a Duel


Harry will chase Snape further down to the Courtyard where the Werewolf will appear.

Duel and defeat the Werewolf


Then Snape enters the Courtyard:
Leave him! Potter belongs to the Dark Lord! Leave him!

The chase goes on: over the Covered Bridge to Hagridís Hut. Suddenly Hagridís Hut is on fire and Bellatrix appears.

Dumbledoreís Dead! Dead!


Duel with Bellatrix.

Defeat Bellatrix


Level 31: